Call for Submissions


Arizona Working Papers

Call for Submissions for Volume 21, 2014

The Arizona Working Papers invites students, faculty, and scholars at any stage of their academic career who are working in Second Language Acquisition or related fields to submit original manuscripts for consideration for publication in Volume 21 of the Arizona Working Papers in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching. Papers may be empirical research studies (i.e. work with human subjects, corpus data, or textual analysis) or more theoretical in nature, and should focus on issues related to second language acquisition and teaching, including, but not limited to:

-  language pedagogy and program administration (i.e. ESL/EFL, and foreign language curriculum development, skills development, testing and evaluation, educational technology, current theoretical approaches to second/foreign language curriculum design, program design, language proficiency assessment, SLA in study abroad, program administration, etc.)

-  language use (i.e. discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, multimodal communication, semiotics, linguistic anthropology, rhetoric, language policy/language planning, pragmatics, multilingualism, identity, variation, socio-cultural factors, etc.)

-  language analysis (i.e. grammar, contrastive linguistics/interlanguage studies, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, computational linguistics, historical linguistics, etc.)

-  language processes (i.e. psycholinguistics, cognitive studies, language processing, foreign language learning and research, interlanguage, etc.)

Papers from a variety of disciplines, including interdisciplinary papers, are especially welcome. First language studies with relevance to second language acquisition and teaching are also welcome. Submissions are accepted in English and other widely spoken languages (i.e. Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, etc).


Submission Guidelines

·       APA formatting as outlined in the Style Manual of the American Psychological Association 5th Ed.

·       Maximum 25 double-spaced pages (excluding references & appendices)

·       Times New Roman 12-point font

·       No headers or footers except for page numbers

·       Endnotes rather than footnotes

·       Email your paper to as a Word document

·       In the email message, include your contact information and a 50-word bio



·       February 14, 2014: Submission deadline 

·       April 14, 2013: Authors notified of status

·       May 14, 2013: Submission deadline for revisions for accepted manuscripts

·       June 16, 2013: Authors notified of final status

·       August 15, 2013: Publication of Volume 21 (online only)


Please send all submissions and questions regarding submissions to:

Alternatively, you may write to:

Managing Co-Editors

Arizona Working Papers in SLAT

University of Arizona

Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

Modern Languages Building, Room 549

Tucson, AZ   85721-0067

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