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Borbala Gaspar


My name is Borbi (Borbala) Gaspar. I came to Tucson 9 years ago from Hungary. Before coming to the United States I lived in many other countries, including Romania, Ukraine, and Italy. I have a degree in Italian and an M.A. in English as a Second Language. I have been teaching Italian at the University of Arizona for 8 years now and due to my constant moving, travelling, and knowing multiple languages, I gained a strong interest in second language acquisition and teaching. I am particularly interested in the sociolinguistic aspects of language learning and use. I aim to continue research in the area of language and identity during my PhD studies. I am also passionate about Italian culture and language, and language teaching. I aim to minor in pedagogy and further develop the general use of technology in language learning. I enjoy spending time with my daughter, husband, and our two golden retrievers. We have also planted our first vegetable garden and we are working hard to keep our plants alive. I love being outdoors, hiking, camping, and running. I am looking forward to my PhD studies and to conduct successful individual and collaborative research projects. 

Last updated 28 Aug 2015