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SLAT Courses

Dissertation and independent study students: Students cannot register themselves for dissertation and other independent study units. Please email with your request to register for these units. 

Fall 2017 Course Offerings SLAT Master Course List

This list is compiled by SLAT as a courtesy for students to aid in the registration process, and is only updated once or twice per registration period. Please note that the majority of SLAT courses are maintained by departments across the UA campus. They may be altered or cancelled at any time at the discretion of the home department. Please see the UA Online Schedule of Classes for the most up-to-date information on any of these offerings.

A list of all approved SLAT courses.

Please refer to the SLAT handbook for the full list of degree requirements.
Spring 2017 Course Offerings UA Online Schedule of Classes

The previous semester courselist is provided for reference purposes.

An up-to-date list of courses available at the UA for the upcoming term.

Curriculum Policies

An interdisciplinary program such as SLAT requires a variety of course offerings. Such diversity is considered not only an efficient use of existing resources, but indeed a program strength. It requires, however, exceptional ‘safeguards’ in advising and quality control. SLAT has therefore established three tiers of curricular advising/consent: (1) a SLAT Advisor with centralized information and authority; (2) Faculty Mentors for SLAT students within their area of specialization; and (3) a curriculum committee containing subcommittees for each of the four SLAT specialties. The subcommittee chairs (as well as the SLAT Director and SLAT Advisor) evaluate the appropriateness of specific departmental offerings for SLAT objectives and approve the specific program specialization for individual students

Procedures for the continuing review and modification of program offerings are as follows: Curriculum Subcommittee Chairs are responsible for obtaining and consolidating information on course offerings in their areas, as well as for making decisions on their appropriateness for meeting SLAT requirements. They will input relevant information to the Graduate Advisor on a regular basis, and will inform the Executive Council of the current state of offerings and requirements in their major/minor at least once each year. The Graduate Advisor is responsible for obtaining and consolidating information on course offerings for Core requirements, and will submit suggestions for change to the Executive Council for its approval.

While lists of approved SLAT courses are kept up-to-date and revised regularly by the curriculum subcommittees, there are often unexpected or last minute changes in course topics, staffing, etc. Students should be aware that, even though the master course list may list a course as fulfilling a requirement of a particular kind for the Core or for one of the specializations, these last minute changes might cause a course to be inappropriate for fulfilling those requirements in a given semester. Likewise, a new course may be created that fulfills a Core area or is relevant for one or more of the specializations but may not be listed on the master list. Therefore, despite best efforts to avoid changes of this kind, the SLAT Advisor and/or the Chair of the Program have final approval of how a particular course will be applied to fulfilling requirements in a particular semester. Any changes will be made in consultation with the student and the curriculum chair(s) who are affected by course changes.

Last updated 17 Mar 2017