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Dunja Radojkovic


Zdravo! My name is Dunja Radojkovic and I come from Belgrade, Serbia. The second Serbian word you might learn from me today is vampir. Sounds familiar? It's the only Serbian word that's international! (And I humbly hope my name will share its fate.)

I am a first-year PhD student in SLAT, most likely majoring in Pedagogy, with a minor in Use. What pulled me into the area was Krashen's differentiation between the notions of L2 acquisition and learning.  Having taught English in a Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centre in Belgrade for four years, I came to Tucson swearing my vocation was that of a teacher. However, in the past three weeks I became very interested in L1 acquisition as well and reading the articles for SLAT Proseminar, I realised there might be more to life than teaching. I am not making any promises about that, but SLAT seems to be a huge bag of gold nuggets to discover and play with! If you love exploring mysteries of language, SLAT is definitely the place to be!

Last updated 23 Sep 2014