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Hicham Assaoui


My name is Hicham Assaoui and I am from Casablanca, Morocco. Before I came to SLAT for my Ph.D., I was at the school of Middle Eastern and North African Studies doing an MA in Arabic Linguistics. I first came to the US as Fulbright foreign language teaching assistant in Arabic, an experience that sparked several research projects related to the acquisition of Arabic as a foreign language (AFL). My teaching experience includes two years of TEFL and over 6 years of AFL. The switch from teaching English to teaching Arabic has motivated me to examine how L2 learners do and do not process text in the same way as L1 learners.

In SLAT, I am intending to major in L1 Processes and minor in pedagogy. I am interested in various topics within linguistics including L1 and L2 reading, Arabic sentence processing, teaching Arabic as a foreign language, sociolinguistics and language acquisition, Arabic language, and pedagogy. Aside from my academic life, I like to play tennis, beach soccer, and swimming.

Last updated 29 Sep 2014