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Jacob Witt

Greetings! I am a SLAT student coming from the English Language and Linguistics (EL/L) program here at the University of Arizona and a Communication Studies and Rhetoric MA in Iowa. While in SLAT, my primary focus is on Analysis and L2 Writing. I particularly enjoy studying grammar to inform my teaching and other research interests. I have also taught various classes in the English Department, including English Composition 101, 102, 108, Introduction to English (Linguistics) 255, and Technical Writing (308) and I served as an editor for the Student's Guide to First-year writing from 2008-2010. I currently live in Seattle with my wife (SLAT grad 2010) and kids (SLAT class of 2032?), where I work as a visiting assistant professor of English and direct a writing center at a small university. Although I'm busy working on the dissertation, I'm always interested in collaborating on papers and presentations. If you're interested in L2 writing feedback, syntactic analysis, and/or identity and composition studies, let's chat.








Last updated 13 Sep 2013