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Janelle Moser


My name is Janelle Moser, a first year SLAT student. I hold a BA in International Affairs/Middle East Studies from the George Washington University. It was there that I developed an interest in Arabic language and culture. This led me to a short stay in Lebanon after graduation and eventually to an MA in Middle East Studies and Linguistics here at the University of Arizona.  I have studied Arabic in Beirut, Irbid, Jordan, and most recently on year-long fellowship in Cairo and Amman through the Center for Arabic Study Abroad. My research interests center on the challenges and opportunities for adult non-native learners of Arabic as a Foreign Language from both a Psycholinguistic and Pedagogical perspective. I am interested in learning more about the contents and arrangement of the non-native Arabic mental lexicon throughout the learning life cycle. I am also interested in Pedagogy, Program Administration, and Curriculum Design, which I got a bit of a taste for this past summer as Resident Director for the National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) Program in Amman, Jordan as well as in my current position as a GA within the Arizona Arabic Language Flagship Program.

Last updated 23 Sep 2014