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Joan Palmiter Bajorek

A Portland native, Joan Palmiter Bajorek is a first year doctoral in SLAT. As an Analysis Major, her research focuses include Romance Linguistics, speech/pronunciation acquisition, and educational technologies. At the University of Arizona, Bajorek received a Graduate College Fellowship for 2016-2017.

In 2013, she received a French BA with Honors and Photography BFA from the University of Washington in Seattle (UW). From 2013-2014, she worked for the French Ministry of Education in Toulouse, France. Beginning her graduate studies at the University of California, Davis (UCD), she holds an MA in Linguistics focusing on Second Language Acquisition. At UCD, Bajorek worked as an Associate Instructor of French and served on the Executive Council for the Graduate Student Association.

Through the language of art, she is a professional photographer whose work concentrates on abstracts and portraits. Her work has been featured extensively in Seattle: Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Skinny and Room 9 Galleries, and at UW’s website, Medical Center, Daily Newspaper, Art Building Lobby, and Health Center, Bricolage: Literary & Visual Arts Journal, as well as the Pence Gallery in Davis, CA. To view her photographic work, visit:

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