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Kelvin Chong

Nei Hou/ Hello/Ni Hao/ Bonjour/안녕하세요/ Hola/ Buongiorno/مرحباً حالك كيف  

My name is Kelvin Chong. I was born, raised and educated in Hong Kong. My L1 is Cantonese; L2 English; L3 Mandarin (I started my L3 learning when I was 20). My primary research interest is to investigate noticing and processing issues, such as determining how learners with different L2 background and proficiency process L2 input, and what the influence of their L1 is on their L2 semantic comprehension and syntactic production. I am also intrigued by the representation and processing of bilingualism. At leisure, I enjoy playing the flute, hiking, traveling, playing basketball, and of course, learning or fostering a language. I am very pleased to be part of the big SLAT family. I will try to make my every day at UA count and look forward to exchanging my thoughts with you both in the classroom and outside classroom.

Last updated 13 Feb 2013