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Kristian Putra


Kristian Adi Putra


Hi, I am Kristian, an LPDP scholar from Indonesia. I received my B.A. in English Language Teaching from Universitas Lampung and M.A. in English Language / Linguistics from the University of Arizona in May 2014. I have taught English in different settings, from primary school to college, in Indonesia for 6 years before I started my graduate study in 2012. From these teaching experiences, I have learnt (1) the complexity of cultural and linguistic diversity in Indonesian society, (2) gap of education quality and the availability of academic and non-academic facilities between schools in urban and rural areas, (3) issues of in-service teachers in K-12 academic settings and pre-service teachers education and training in higher education institution in Indonesia, and (4) mismatch between the objective of ELT designed by the government, the curriculum, the teaching materials, the implementation in the classroom, and the evaluation materials. Therefore in SLAT, I am planning to major in L2 pedagogical theory and program administration, and minor in language planning and policy. My research interests include the integration of web-based technologies in ELT, language socialization and SLA, and indigenous language revitalization.

Last updated 23 Sep 2014