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Melena Samaniego



Languages have always been at the heart of my personal and professional life. As the daughter of Chilean political exiles I was raised in Spanish, French and Dutch and often expected to be my parents'’ nexus with our host communities. I then became a professional certified translator in Spanish, English, and German. In the US, I completed an M.A. in Latin American Studies in 1997, and married a native English-speaker with whom I argue in English, and yet love and share my life with in Spanish. On returning to Chile I set out to train translators and design translation training curricula. I also simply love to chat, listen and notice how we do this across languages and registers. These days, in hot Tucson, I often find myself policing our recently bilingual 5 and 10-years-olds’ code-switching more than I know to be wise.

I currently teach the introductory course to the Translation and Interpretation undergraduate major here at UA. As a SLAT student my hope is to put SLAT theory and research at the service of a better understanding of how translation competence is developed and a more effective translation pedagogy, with a particular focus on translation into an L2 by foreign language and heritage speakers.



Last updated 14 Feb 2013