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Michael Sayle


I started the SLAT program in 2011 after finishing my MA. in English Language and Linguistics.  Before that I spent a year working in the libraries for TUSD in Tucson while waiting for my family to return from China.  We had lived in Hunan Province, China for five years where I taught composition (among other English skills) to university students.  My B.A. (Religious Studies) and dabbling in Latin and German in high school were what sparked my interest in studying the structure of language.  


I have three particular research interests.  My primary interest is second language use of figurative language (specifically, metonymy) in Chinese and English.  Secondarily, I'm interested in what current translation research is applicable within contemporary language learning pedagogy.  And thirdly, I'm interested in motivation research as derived from computer gaming.

Last updated 11 Sep 2014