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Pornnicha Weerakanto


My name is Pornnicha Weerakanto. I am an English language lecturer from Thailand. At the moment, I have a full scholarship from University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce to further my doctoral degree.  Until now I have gained 16 years of teaching experience at a tutoring school, an international school and two private universities in Bangkok, Thailand. I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature and a Master's degree in TEFL. Teaching is not just a job, but is my life story.

I cannot envision a more challenging opportunity to expand my global perspectives and develop teaching expertise better than this doctoral program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching.

My research interest is aimed at improving student’s writing accuracy by the use of a monitoring system. Consequently, I am interested in applying and evaluating various techniques, such as self-monitoring, peer editing and teacher – student conference to promote awareness and understanding of wrong English sentences. I am familiar with assessing writing since I was a writing course instructor for several years. My students were more engaged and active in learning writing with me since they knew I have explored many flexible strategies and developed online teaching materials to improve their academic writing.

Furthermore, I plan to focus on implementing task-based language teaching that incorporates students’ mobile devices in order to evaluate the effect of this technology on motivation in learning grammar. Therefore, I want to investigate to what extent technology fosters autonomous learning.

Last updated 13 Jul 2015