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Sichon (Nat) Koowuttayakorn


    My nickname is Nat. Feel free to call me by my nickname (or first name, whichever is easier for you). I’m originally from Bangkok, Thailand where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English. Then in the year 2007 to 2009, I was at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing my Master’s degree in TESOL. After graduation, I went back home and taught English language, mostly Foundation Courses, at Thammasat University for two years. Then I realized that what I’d learned wasn’t enough. That’s why I am here, thankfully by the funding from Thammasat University. My main interests involve curriculum design, materials development, and technology in language learning. As you can see, I’m quite on the pedagogy side, but I’d love to explore all the areas offered at SLAT because they are all so fascinating. Who knows where the experiences will lead me!

Last updated 12 Sep 2014