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SLAT Dissertations

To access the full text of these dissertations, please see the University of Arizona library database.


Summer 2017

Elyse Petit (Beatrice Dupuy, Advisor)

Enhancing Visual and Critical Media Literacy in a Foreign Language Classroom through Media Production and Digital Storytelling: Students’ Voice and Agency


Spring 2017

Sichon Koowuttayakorn (Linda Waugh and Chantelle Warner, Co-Advisors)

Affordances, positioning and stancetaking: A multimodal analysis of English language learning and teaching on Facebook Pages


Diego Macias (Beatrice Dupuy, Advisor)

'What I didn't want to do', 'what I thought I would do', and 'what I ended up doing': Novice EFL Teachers' Narratives of Experience in Learning to Teach 


Justin Parry (Beatrice Dupuy, Advisor)

Analyzing Hebrew Textbooks: Differing Goals and Identities in Language Classrooms


Elizabeth Tso (Perry Gilmore, Advisor)

Discourse, Social Scales, and Epiphenomenality of Language Policy: A Case Study of a Local, Hong Kong NGO


Fall 2016

Zura Dotton (Lin Waugh, Advisor)

Language Policy and Language Planning in Kazakhstan: About the Proposed Shift from the Cyrillic Alphabet to the Latin 


Merica McNeil (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

An Analysis of Student-Centered Curricular Innovation in Online Language Teacher Education: A Case Study


Steven Randall (Beatrice Dupuy, Advisor)

An Exploration Of A University Academic Bridge Program For English Language Learners


Summer 2016

Asma Alsahil (Robert Ariew, Advisor) 

Social Networking Mediated Intercultural Communicative Competence: Affordances and Constraints


Zachary Brooks (Tom Bever and Linda Waugh, Advisors)

Bilingual decision making: verbal probability, ethics, and cognition


Denise Osborne (Miquel Simonet, Advisor)

The Acquisition of Fine Phonetic Detail in a Foreign Language: Perception and Production of Stops in L2 English and L1 Portuguese


Heather Smyser (Mary Alt, Advisor)

The Goldilocks of Variability and Complexity: The Acquisition of Mental Orthographic Representations in Emergent Refugee Readers


Spring 2016

Fahd Alalwi (Peter Ecke, Advisor)

Intercultural Competence Development in a Study Abroad Context: Saudi Learners in the United States


Adnan Alobaid (Suzanne Panferov, Advisor)

Testing, Assessment, and Evaluation in Language Programs


Hope Anderson (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

Blended Basic Language Courses: Making Pedagogical and Administrative Choices about Technology


Mustafa Polat (Robert Ariew, Advisor) 

Emerging Technologies in Language Pedagogy: Language Learners' Perceptions through the Lenses of Innovation Diffusion and User Intention Theories


Steve Przymus (Leisy Wyman, Advisor)

Social Semiotics, Education, and Identity: Creating Trajectories for Youth at  Schools to Perform Knowledge and Identities as Language Users


Migdalia Rodriguez (Suzanne Panferov, Advisor)

Effective Pedagogical Practices in Online English Language Teacher Education


Karim Shaker Ibrahim (Jonathon Reinhardt, Advisor)

The Interplay of Languaging and Gameplay: Player-game Interactions as Ecologies for Languaging and Situated L2 Development


Veronika Williams (Suzanne Panferov, Advisor)

An Evaluation of a Program for Intentional Learning: A Hybrid Approach to Fostering Learner Autonomy


Adnan  Yilmaz (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Intercultural Communicative Competence Through the Lens of Semio-Ethnography: Research on Turkish International Graduate Student in the US Socio-Semiotic World


Winter 2015

Rachel Kraut (Kenneth Forster and Janet Nicol, Advisors)

The Development of Second Language Reading and Morphological Processing Skills


Jinjing Zhao (Jonathon Reinhardt, Advisor)

An Ecological Analysis of Digital Game-Mediated Second Language Learning


Fall 2015

Christine Palumbo (Luis Moll and Christine Tardy, Advisors)

Imagined Destinations: The Role of Subjectivity and the Generative Potential of Lived Experiences in Adult English Learners’ Paths to Fluency


Summer 2015

Katherine Christoffersen (Ana Carvalho, Advisor)

Language Choice and Code-Switching among Sequential and Simultaneous Bilingual Children: An Analysis of Grammatical, Functional and Identity-Related Patterns     


Timothy Murphy (Douglas Adamson, Advisor)

The Use of Film in a First Year College Writing Class for ESL Students


Kristen Michelson (Beatrice Dupuy, Advisor)

Mediating Pedagogies for Teaching and Learning Language and Culture as Discourse: A multiliteracies-based Global Simulation in Intermediate French


Sonja Fordham (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Teacher Feedback Stance and Student Response in the ESL Composition Classroom


Kristin Helland (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Multilingualism and Code-switching in Popular Culture and Literary Texts: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis


Spring 2015

Osman Solmaz (Jonathon Reinhardt, Advisor)

Multilingual Students' Management of Transnational Identities in Online Participatory Spaces


Robert Pool (Jonathon Reinhardt, Advisor)

A Corpus Approach to Ecological Discourse Analysis and L2 Writing Pedagogy


Paul Renigar, Jr. (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

 Metaphors From Quantum Physics: Enhancing Ecological L2 Social Networking In An Intermediate Italian Course


Soomin Jwa (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Genre Knowledge Development: Tracing Trajectories of L2 Students' Transitions to Disciplinary Expectations in College Writing


Winter 2014                           

John Viafara Gonzalez (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

Self-Perceived (non) Nativeness and Colombian Prospective English Teachers in Telecollaboration


Fall 2014

Iqbal Al Balushi (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Critical Semiotic Order Theory:  The Misconstruction of Arab And Muslim Identities And Voices In Hollywood Movies


Karen Barto (Janet Nicol and Miguel Simonet, Advisors)

Mandarin Speakers' Intonation in their L2 English


Yasumasa Shigenaga (Thomas Bever, Advisor)

Processing and Acquisition of Scrambled Sentences by Learners of Japanese as a Second Language


Summer 2014

Tamara MC (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Blending Lifewriting and Technology to Teach Language, Culture, and Identity in the ESL Classroom


Katie Angus (Beatrice Dupuy, Advisor)

Meeting the Needs of Foreign Language Teaching Assistants: Professional Development in American Universities


Brian Hibbs (Kathy Short, Advisor)

Reading Children's and Adolescent Literature in Three University Second-Semester Spanish Courses: An Action Research Study


Katie Burns Al Masaeed (Robert Ariew, Advisor)             

The Ideology of U.S. Spanish in Foreign and Heritage Language Curricula: Insights from Textbooks and Instructor Focus Groups


Jose Aldemar Valencia (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Language, Learning and Identity in Social Networking Sites for Language Learning: the Case of Busuu


Mahmoud Azaz (Thomas Bever and Linda Waugh, Advisors)

Acquisition of Form-Meaning Mapping in L2 Arabic and English Noun Phrases: A Bidirectional Framework


Spring 2014

Mohammed Tamimi (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

Teaching culture in Arabic: Perspectives on the use of blended learning and Hypermedia


M'Balia Thomas (Linda Waugh, Advisor

“Girl Talk” ~ A dialogic approach to narrative analysis in second/foreign language research


Mike Child (Ana Carvalho, Advisor)

Cross-linguistic Influence in L3 Portuguese Learning: Language Learning Perceptions and the Knowledge and Transfer of Mood Distinctions by Three Groups of English-Spanish Bilinguals


Kathlyn Spires Diaz (Toni Griego-Jones)

Achieving Academic English Competencies: Perspectives From Mexican Adult Immigrants In A Community College ESL Classroom


Fall 2013

Robert Cote (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

The Role of Student Attitiude Towards peer Review in Anonymous Electronic Peer Review in an EFL Writing Classroom


Summer 2013

Khaled Al Masaeed (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Functions of Arabic-English Code-switching: Sociolinguistic Insights from A Study Abroad Program


Kacy Peckenpaugh (Beatrice Dupuy, Advisor)

Becoming Transcultural: Maximizing Study Abroad


Spring 2013

Ashli Lovitt (Beatrice Dupuy, Advisor)

The Linguistic Gains and Acculturation of American High School Students on Exchange Programs in Germany


Summer 2012                                                

Kara Johnson (Jun Liu and Linda Waugh, Advisors)

 Peer and Self Review: A holistic examination of EFL learners' writing and review process


Alexandra Kuchuk (Linda R. Waugh, Advisor)

Politeness in Intercultural Communication: Some Insights into Pragmatics of English as an International Language


Elizabeth Enkin (Kenneth Forster, Advisor)

The Maze Task: Using a Computerized Psycholinguistic Experimental Technique in Examining Methodologies for Second Language Learning


Olga Ellis (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

Voice vs. Text Chats: Their Efficacy for Leaning Probing Questions by Non-Native Speaking Medical Professionals in Online Courses


Spring 2012

Hongmei Wu (Kenneth Forster, Advisor)

Mechanisms of Masked Priming: Testing the Entry Opening Model



Fall 2011

Lingxia Jin (Linda R. Waugh, Advisor)

Second Language Acquisition of Spatial Metaphors in English and Chinese Writings: Insights from Learner and Native Corpora


Janna Orlova Shaeffer (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

Development of Intercultural Competence in Intermediate Foreign Language Learners


Summer 2011

Jeffrey Gabbitas (Douglas Adamson, Advisor)

Articulation in the Spanish program at a large southwestern university: A case study



Spring 2011

Naoko Witzel (Ken Forster, Advisor)

How Words are Represented in Bilingual Memory


Miriam Diaz Granado (Miguel Simonet and Natasha Warner, Advisors)

L2 and L3 acquisition of the Portuguese stressed vowel inventory by native speakers of English


Helen Shishkin (Peter Ecke, Advisor)

Language Dominance and Culture Dominance:  Russian Immigrants in the US


Gwynne Gonzales (Sara Beaudrie, Advisor)

Spanish Heritage Language Use, Linguistic Integrity and Social Networks


Tina Badstuebner (Peter Ecke, Advisor)

L1 Attrition:  German Immigrants in the U.S.


Angelica Sandoval (Jun Liu, Advisor)

Attitude, Motivation, and English Language Learning in a Mexican College Context


Theresa Catalano (Grace Fielder, Advisor)

Xeno-Racism and Discursive Construction of "Us" vs. "Them":  Cosa Nostra, Wall Street and Immigrants in Crime Reports


Fall 2010                       

Nadia Hamrouni (Kenneth Forster, Advisor)

Structure and processing in Tunisian Arabic: Speech error data


Summer 2010

Maria Kelly-Cervantes (Roseann Gonzalez, Advisor)

Translation and Interpretation as a Means to Improve Bilingual High School Students' English and Spanish Academic Language Proficiency


Mary Margaret Hodges-Popova (Perry Gilmore, Advisor)

Mandela's children and youth day: Representations of national identity in South African news media


Natalya Samokhina (Diane Ohala and Natasha Warner, Advisors)             

Phonetics and Phonology of Regressive Voicing Assimilation in Russian Native and Non-native Speech


Elena Shishkin (Peter Ecke, Advisor)

Language Dominance and Culture Dominance: L2 Acquisition, L1 Maintenance, And Culture Identification Among Russian Immigrants In The U.S.


Spring 2010

Ana Cecilia Villarreal-Ballesteros (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Professional Identity Formation and Development Of Imagined Communities In An English Language Major In Mexico


Kelly Lowther (Ana Carvalho, Advisor)

Identity and Language Ideology in the Intermediate Spanish Heritage Language Classroom


Li-Feng Kuo (Jun Liu, Advisor)

Children's Use of Requests In Chinese (L1) And English (L2): A Case Study In Taiwan


Rong Liu (Janet Nicol and Robert Ariew, Advisors)

The acquisition and online processing of anaphora by Chinese-English bilinguals: A computer assisted study


Frank Malgesini (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

An Ethnographic Approach to Literature: Reading Wildfell Hall in the L1 and L2 Classroom


Clay Williams (Thomas Bever, Advisor)

Semantic vs. Phonetic Decoding Strategies in Non-Native Readers of Chinese


Autumn Witt (Jun Liu, Advisor)

Establishing the Validity of the Task-Based English Speaking Test (TBEST) for International Teaching Assistants


Fall 2009

Hassan Souleyman (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

Implicit and explicit vocabulary acquisition with a computer-assisted hypertext reading task: Comprehension and retention


Eleni Saltourides (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

The Sociocultural Impact of Technology on Adult Immigrant English as a Second Language Learners


Summer 2009

Bryan Meadows (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Nationalism and Language Learning at the US/Mexico Border: An Ethnigraphically-Sensitive Critical Discourse Analysis of the Reproduction of Nation, Power, and Privilege in an English Language Classroom


Yi Xu (Heidi Harley, Advisor)

The Syntax, Processing and Second Language Acquisition of Chinese Relative Clauses


Seiji Watanabe (Timothy Vance, Advisor)

Cultural and Educational Contributions to Recent Phonological Changes in Japanese


Xiaomei Qiao (Ken Forster, Advisor)

The Representation of Newly Learned Words in the Mental Lexicon


Jeremy Leland Palmer (Samira Farwaneh, Advisor)

Student Acculturation, Language Preference, and L2 Competence in Study Abroad Programs in the Arabic-Speaking World


Carmen Helena Nieto Guerrero (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

National Standards for the Teaching of English in Colombia: A Critical Discourse Analysis


Yingliang Liu (Jun Liu, Advisor)

ESL Students in the College Writing Conferences: Perception and Participation


Brittany Lindsey (LuAnn Gerken, Advisor)

La Is Better than el: The Role of Regularity and Lexical Familiarity in Noun Phrase Production by Young Spanish-Speaking Children


Spring 2009

Chang-Ching Chen (Janet Nicol, Advisor)             

The representation and processing of past tense in Chinese English-language learners


Maria Rocio Delgado (Eliane Rubinstein-Avila, Advisor)

Spanish Heritage Language Socialization Practices of a Family of Mexican Origin


Fall 2008

Kathleen O'Brien-de Ramirez (Yetta Goodman and Linda Waugh, Advisors)

Silent, Oral, L1, L2, French and English Reading Through Eye Movements and Miscues


Keith Johnson (Natasha Warner, Advisor)

Second Language Acquisition of the Spanish Multiple Vibrant Consonant


Summer 2008

Elizabeth Specker (Linda Waugh and Tom Bever, Advisors)

L1/L2 Eye Movement Reading of Closed Captioning: A Multimodal Analysis of Multimodal Use


Lisa Jurkowitz (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

Interaction, Meaning-Making, and Accuracy in Synchronous CMC Discussion: The Experiences of a University-Level Intermediate French Class


Maite Correa (Peter Ecke, Advisor)

Metalinguistic Knowledge and the Acquisition of the Spanish Subjunctive by Learners at Three Proficiency Levels


Cheryl Traiger (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Tourists' English Expectations: Discourse Analysis of Attitudes towards Language and Culture on Travel Websites


Spring 2008

Lance Askildson (Beatrice Dupuy and Janet Nicol, Advisors)

Phonological Bootstrapping in Word Recognition and Whole Language Reading: A Composite Pedagogy for L2 Reading Development via Concurrent Reading-Listening Protocols and the Extensive Reading Approach


Virginie Askildson (Dasse) (Beatrice Dupuy, Advisor)

What do Teachers and Students Want from a Foreign Language Textbook?


Yumika Muramatsu (Jun Liu, Advisor)   

The Role of Native-Speaker Status and Cultural Background: A Multidimensional Case Study of Teacher-Student Interaction in English Composition Classes


Nolvia Cortez (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Am I in the Book?  Imagined Communities and Language Ideologies of English in a Global EFL Textbook


Neil Johnson (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

Genre as Concept in Second Language Academic Writing Pedagogy


Jody Cripps (Sam Supalla, Advisor)

A Case Study on Reading Processes of Signing Deaf Children


Fall 2007

Kimberly Adilia Helmer (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

Year One at "City" High School: An Ethnographic Study of Heritage Language Learners at an Innovative Charter School


Xin Wang (Kenneth Forster, Advisor)

Bilingual Lexical Representation and Processing: Evidence from Masked Priming Studies


Shanthi Nadarajan (H. Douglas Adamson, Advisor)

Measuring Academic Vocabulary Size and Depth in the Writing Classroom: Does it Really Matter?


Norma  Barletta Manjarres (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

English Teachers in Colombia: Ideologies and Identities in Academic Writing


Boon Joo Park (Janet Nicol, Advisor)

Syntactic Persistence Within and Across Languages in English and Korean L1 and L2 Speakers


Jessica Eve Gerard (Linda Waugh and Yetta Goodman, Advisors)              

The Reading of Formulaic Sequences in a Native and Non-Native Language: An Eye Movement Analysis


Veronica Susanne Ostertag (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

An Investigation Of The Value Of Fictional Texts As A Tool For Enriching German Language And Culture Learning: A Kaleidoscopic View Of Outcomes And Possibilities


Summer 2007

Margaret Smith (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

The Minutemen Versus the 'United Army of Illegal Aliens': A Critical Discourse Analysis of WWW Representations


Jun Zhao (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Metaphors and Gestures for Abstract Concepts in Academic English Writing


Paul Lyddon (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

The Efficacy of Corrective Feedback and Target Form Enhancement in Promoting Acquisition of the ?/au/en/aux Distinction in L2 French


Kamolthip Phonlabutra (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Learning in an English Content-Based Program in a Junior- High School in Thailand: A Case Study


Spring 2007

Kara McBride (Jun Liu, Advisor)

The Effect of Rate of Speech and CALL Design Features on EFL Listening Comprehension and Strategy Use


Fall 2006

Simona Estela Ene (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

The Last Stages of Second Language Acquisition: Linguistic Evidence from Academic Writing by Advanced Non-Native English Speakers


Summer 2006

Sharon K Deckert (Susan Philips and Linda Waugh, Advisors)

The Construction of Functional Identities in Forensic Interviews with Children


Senta Goertler (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

Teacher Participation and Feedback Styles During Classroom Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication in Intermediate German: A Multiple Case Study


Sara Mariel Beaudrie (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

Spanish Heritage Language Development: A Causal-Comparative Study Exploring the Differential Effects of Heritage Versus Foreign Language Curriculum


Hyunok Ahn (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

The Impact of Individual Learner Characteristics and Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication on Language Production in Learners of English


Greg L.Thompson (Renate Schulz, Advisor)

Teacher and Student First Language and Target Language Use in the Foreign Language Classroom: A Qualitative and Quantitative Study of Language Choice


Alan Victor Brown (Renate Schulz, Advisor)

Students' and Teachers' Perceptions of Effective Teaching in the Foreign Language Classroom: A Comparison of Ideals and Ratings


Spring 2006

Cynthia M Ducar (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

(Re)Presentations of U.S. Latinos: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Spanish Heritage Language Textbooks


Fall 2005

Patrick Bolger (Cecile McKee, Advisor)

Alphabetic processing in English and Spanish


Summer 2005

Kristina Beckman-Brito (Perry Gilmore, Advisor)

Communicative competence and second language abilities in the justice system: A forensic linguistic analysis of a Chinese immigrant's run-in with the law


Spring 2005

Angela Ferguson (Jun Liu, Advisor)

Student Beliefs about their Foreign Language Instructors: A Look at the Native Speaker/Non-Native Speaker Issue


Fall 2004

Susan Cooledge (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

L2 Reading and Hypertext: A Study of Lexical Glosses and Comprehension Among Intermediate Learners of French


Summer 2004

Caroline Vickers (Susan Philips, Advisor)

Interactional Accomodation and the Construction of Social Roles Among Culturally Diverse Undergraduates


Leyla Yined Tello Ruede (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)           

Effects of Pedagogical Intervention on the Development of Pragmatic Competence in Adult Learners of English as a Foreign Language


Spring 2004

Claudia Kost (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

An Investigation of the Effects of Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) on Interlanguage Development in the Beginning Learners of German: Accuracy, Proficiency, and Communication Strategies


Paula Gunder (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

Situating and Transforming Technology Integration Professional Development for Language Teachers: A Comparative Multiple Case Study


Randall Sadler (Muriel Saville-Troike, Advisor)

A Case Study Examination of ESL Students in Freshman English Composition


Hang Du (Feng-Hsi Liu and Cecile McKee, Advisors)

The Acquisition of the Chinese Ba-Construction by Adult Second Language Learners


Summer 2003

Betil Eroez (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

An Ethnographic Examination of International Students in English Composition Classes: Cultural Patterns, Classroom Dynamics, and Adjustment Difficulties


Mohammad Al-Quadhiaeen (Rudolph Troike, Advisor)

The Syntax of Saudi Arabic-English Intrasentential Codeswitching


Maria Angeles Serrano Lopez (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

3-D Clay Modeling Instruction: A Pathway to Spatial Concept Formation in Second Language Learners


Masato Kogure (Susan Philips, Advisor)

Gender Differences in the Use of Backchannels: Do Japanese Men and Women Accommodate to Each Other


Julian Heather (Renate Schulz, Advisor)

The Validity of Computer-Mediated Communicative Language Tests


Rosa Maria Mejia-Uribe (Rudolph Troike, Advisor)

The Place of Culture in ESL Master's Programs in the United States


Spring 2003

Enchao Shi (H. Douglas Adamson and Andy Barss, Advisors)

Second Language Grammar and Secondary Predication


Wendy Ashby (Linda Waugh, Advisor)

Authoring the German "Other"; A Semiotic, Narrative Discourse Analysis of the Culture Box in Beginning L2 German Textbooks


Fall 2002

Matt Finkbeiner (Janet Nicol, Advisor)

Bilingual lexical memory: towards a psycholinguistic model of adult L2 lexical acquisition, representation, and processing


Summer 2002

Jun Yang (Muriel Saville-Troike, Advisor)              

The Acquisition of Temporality by Adult Second Language Learners of Chinese


Holly E.Jacobson (Muriel Saville-Troike, Advisor)

Translation of the Health Brochure and Impact on the Target Reader: A Contrastive Analysis of the Structural and Pragmatic Features of Texts Translated into Spanish Versus Texts Written Originally in Spanish


Nizar Kamal Ibrahim (Jun Liu, Advisor)

Feedback on ESL Writing: Can we Integrate Form?


Sumru Akcan (Yetta Goodman, Advisor)

Effective Teaching Strategies for Oral Second Language Use in German and French First Grade Immersion Classrooms


Spring 2002

Toshiyuki Suzuki (Merrill Garrett, Advisor)

On the Garden Path


Chanika Vadhanasindhu (Muriel Saville-Troike, Advisor)

Contrastive Discourse Analysis and Reader Perception of Newspaper Editorials in Thai and English


Marcia Helena Coimbra (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)            

International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) in Multiple Roles: The Impact of an ITA Development Program on ITA's Effective Learning and Teaching Performance in the American College Class


Kyoko Masuda (Rudolph Troike, Advisor)

A Cognitive Approach to Japanese Locative Postpositions NI and DE: A Case Study of Spoken and Written Discourse


Fall 2001

David B. Smith (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

Taking Students to Task: Task-Based Computer-Mediated Communication and Negotiated Interaction in the ESL Classroom


Akiko Kato (Muriel Saville-Troike, Advisor)

Interlanguage Variation in Pitch and Forms of English Negatives: The Case of Japanese Speakers of English


Summer 2001

Luciana Fellin (Jane Hill, Advisor)

Language Ideologies, Language Socialization and Language Revival in an Italian Alpine Community


Spring 2001

Teresa Reber (Renate Schulz, Advisor)

Effective teaching behaviors and attitudes as perceived by foreign language teachers


Nariyo Kono (Richard Ruiz, Advisor)

Language orientations : case study of a Japanese- as-a-foreign -language classroom


Phillip Edward Hammonds (Grace Fielder, Advisor)

Directive Speech Acts in Conflict Situations among Advanced Non-Native Speakers of English


Gail Ellen Shuck (Jane Hill, Advisor)

Imagining the Native Speaker: The Poetics of Complaint in University Student Discourse


Adrian John Wurr (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

The Impact and Effects of Service-Learning on Native and Non-Native English Speaking College Composition Students


Stephanie Duisberg (Renate Schulz, Advisor)

High School Heritage Learners of Spanish: An Investigation of Language Attitudes


Sachie Karasawa (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

Relevance Theory and Redundancy Phenomena in Second Language Learners' Written English Discourse: An Interlanguage Pragmatics Perspective


Fall 2000

Julia Gousseva-Goodwin (Robert Ariew, Advisor)           

Collaborative writing assignments and on-line discussions in an advanced ESL composition class


Bonnibeth Beale Fonseca-greber (Adrienne Lehrer and Linda Waugh, Advisors)

The Change from Pronoun to Clitic to Prefix and the Rise of Null Subjects in Spoken Swiss French


Summer 2000

Noriko Iwasaki (Merrill Garrett, Advisor)

Speaking Japanese: L1 and L2 Grammatical Encoding of Case Particles and Adjectives/Adjectival Nouns


Yoshiko Okuyama (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

Computer-Assisted Japanese Vocabulary Learning: The Choice of Script in Call


Spring 2000

Miki Shibata (Adrienne Lehrer, Advisor)

Comparing Lexical Aspect and Narrative Discourse in Second Language Learners' Tense-Aspect Morphology: A Cross Sectional Study of Japanese as a Second Language


Hyeson Park (Rudolph Troike, Advisor)

Child Second Language Acquisition and Grammatical Theories: The Minimalist Program and Optimality Theory


Lawrence Norman Berlin (Teresa McCarty and Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisors)

Toward a "Working Definition" of Effective Language Instruction in the Multicultural ESL Classroom


Fall 1999

Carol M.Johnson (Janet Nicol, Advisor)

Auditory integration training : its effect on the perception of english of native and nonnative speakers


J. Adam Dudsic (Kenneth Forster, Advisor)

Priming asymmetries in chinese-english bilinguals : a series of single-subject studies


Meena Singhal (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

The Effects of Reading Strategy Instruction on the Reading Comprehension, Reading Process and Strategy Use of Adult ESL Readers


Tully J.Thibeau (Cecile McKee, Advisor)

English Prepositions in Phrasal Verbs: A Study in Second Language Acquisition


Summer 1999

John Ioannis Liontas (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

Developing a Pragmatic Methodology of Idiomaticity: The Comprehension and Interpretation of SL Vivid Phrasal Idioms During Reading


Spring 1999

Kimberly Louise Geeslin (Rudolph Troike, Advisor)

Second language acquisition of copula choice in Spanish and its relationship to language change


Fall 1998

Ludmila Dutkova (Jane Hill, Advisor)

Texas Czech : an ethnolinguistic study


Evelyn Scanlon Rogers (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

An Investigation of the Effects of Collaborative, Computer-Mediated Communication and Non-Collaborative, Computer-Assisted Writing Skills Practice on L2 Writing


Matthew Buchanan Teller (Mario Montalbetti and Janet Nicol, Advisors)

Broken Agreement in L2 Processing in Spanish


Summer 1998

Birgit M. Meerholz-Haerle (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

Teachers talking shop : a discourse study of TA coordination meetings


Nan Jiang (Kenneth Forster, Advisor)

Understanding bilingual lexical organization : evidence from masked cross-language priming in Chinese-English bilinguals


Yi Li Li (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

Using Task-Based E-mail Activities in Developing Academic Writing Skills in English as a Second Language


Anuradha Ruhil (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

"I Lost the Bus: Can You Give me a Ride Home?": Native and Nonnative English Speakers' Speech Act Production and Metapragmatic Judgments: A Study on Apologies, Complaints and Requests


Ellen Hazlehurst Courtney (Muriel Saville-Troike, Advisor)

Child Acquisition of Quechua Morphosyntax


Kuniyoshi Kataoka (Jane Hill, Advisor)

The Vertical Experience in English and Japanese Spatial Discourse


Hao Sun (Muriel Saville-Troike, Advisor)

Telephone Conversations in Chinese and English: A Comparative Study Across Languages and Functions


Spring 1998

Yvonna M Roepcke (Jane Hill, Advisor)

Pronouns in Discourse: International and U.S. Tas Construct Social Groups and Identities


Anjel Tozcu (Frank Pialorsi, Advisor)

The Effect of Teaching Sight Vocabulary with Computer Assisted Instruction on Vocabulary Gain, Decrease in Reaction Time or Frequent Word Recognition, and Reading Comprehension


Fall 1997

Hong Guang Ying (Andrew Barss and Janet Nicol, Advisors)

Knowledge of Reconstruction in a Second Language


Shoji Takano (Kimberly Jones, Advisor)

The Myth of a Homogenous Speech Community: The Speech of Japanese Women in Non-Traditional Gender Roles


Summer 1997

David Allan Wright (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

The Roles of Culture: Promoting Positive Attitudes in the Second- and Foreign-Language Classroom


Zsuzsanna Ittzes (Mary Wildner-Bassett, Advisor)

Written Conversation: Investigating Communicative Foreign Language Use in Written Form in Computer Conference Writing and Group Journals


Spring 1997

Paola Eulalia Dussias (Rudolph Troike, Advisor)

Switching at no cost : exploring Spanish-English codeswitching using the response-contingent sentence matching task


Fall 1996

Mubangu Itangaza (Renate Schulz, Advisor)

The Effect of Suppemental Homework Tasks Involving Referential Questions on Learners' Target Language Linguistic Output and Accuracy


Ning Yu (Jane Hill, Advisor)

The Contemporary Theory of Metaphor: A Perspective from Chinese


Summer 1996

Catherine Marie Barrette (Karen L. Smith, Advisor)

An Assessment of the Effects of the Use of Self-Selected Texts from the World Wide Web on Foreign Language Reading Comprehension


Spring 1996

Peter Ecke (Merrill Garrett, Advisor)

Cross-Language Studies of Lexical Retrieval: Tip-of-the-Tongue States in First and Foreign Languages


Junlin Pan (Muriel Saville-Troike, Advisor)

Occurrence/Nonoccurrence, Distribution, and Interpretation of Zero Anaphora in Chinese Conversational Discourse


Syahdan (Rudolph Troike, Advisor)

Sasak-Indonesian Codeswitching


Fall 1995

Dorothy Clare Peterson (Karen L. Smith, Advisor)

Feedback System Factors and Their Effects on Attitudes, Perspectives, and Pedagogical Content Knowledge of University Foreign Language Teachers


Summer 1995

Mohammed Ghawi (H. Douglass Adamson, Advisor)

Developing Second Language Proficiency and Academic Competence: A Case Study of a Modified Adjunct Literature Course


Otis Phillip Elliott, Jr. (Adrienne Lehrer, Advisor)

A Glance at the Syntactic and Semantic Principles Underlying the Spanish Clitic Se: A Study in Second Language Acquisition


Caroline Ann Grace (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

Beginning CALL Vocabulary Learning: Translation in Context


Deborah Eugenie Levy-Barnett (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

The Effect of Multicultural Literature on the Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity of Freshmen-Literature Students


Fall 1994

Rodney Eldred Tyson (Rudolph Troike, Advisor)

Korean Color Naming and Korean-English Language Contact: A Study in Linguistic Variation and Semantic Change


Fall 1993

Lydie Elisabeth Meunier-cinko (Robert Ariew, Advisor)

Gender Differences in Cooperative Computer-Based Foreign Language Tasks


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