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Stefano Maranzana



I have always been fascinated by languages and the processes involved in its acquisition. Since my childhood I was exposed to different languages and cultures. My father worked for the United Nations Organization so our family lived in numerous countries. Though the family language was Italian, I had to quickly switch from Spanish, to French, to English, and back to Italian, according to the country where we lived and attended school. In a later stage in life I studied in Paris, in Italy and in the USA intensifying my interest and language skills.

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English and French Literatures at the University of Florence. During that time I had my first experiences teaching Italian at an American study abroad program. I earned my Master's in Italian Studies at the University of Minnesota, where I furthered my teaching experience as an Italian TA and translator.

I allowed myself a hiatus from academia and returned to Italy to explore a private business venture as Director of Communications, where I utilized my skills for languages and writing while getting acquainted with modern forms of communication and technology. On a personal level, I am an amateur musician, songwriter and singer, which led me to develop a proficiency in digital audiovisual recording and editing.

The SLAT doctoral Program, with its stimulating interdisciplinary approach, has rekindled my interest of language acquisition, learning and teaching. I’m particularly interested in Second Language Pedagogy, with emphasis on technology.

Last updated 14 Jul 2014