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Tanya Tercero


        I am Tanya Tercero from Tucson, and I am very happy to be a PhD student in SLAT, as well as a GAT in the UA’s writing department. I am officially a lifelong Wildcat!  Eons ago, I got my BA in both Spanish and Russian from UA, and shortly thereafter, I ended up living and working in southern Spain for four years. Living in Spain gave me the opportunity to travel throughout Europe, to Russia, and to Morocco, too.  I grew to love Spain and would like to retire there one day.

        After several years of teaching ESL, ESP and SSP in Arizona, I decided to pursue an MA in ESL at UA.  I then taught in the United Arab Emirates at a women’s college for three years, and now I have returned, once again, to complete my PhD in SLAT. 

       My interests include L2 use, sociolinguistics and inter-cultural competence, and CALL.

Last updated 12 Sep 2013