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Volumes 11-16, 2004-2009

Arizona Working Papers in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

University of Arizona

Modern Languages 549

1423 East University Blvd.

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Volume 16, 2009

Preface & Table of Contents 

Volume Editors: Helen Shishkin & Lingxia Jin

Transfer Effects in Bilingual Sentence Processing

Karen Barto-Sisamout, Janet Nicol, Jeffrey Witzel, & Naoko Witzel

Reading Children's and Adolescent Literature in Two University Second Semester Spanish Courses: An Exploratory Classroom Study

Brian Hibbs

The Development of Lexical Organization in Chinese EFL Learners at Tertiary Level

Yanyan Cui

Choosing One Dialect for the Arab Speaking World:A Status Planning Dilemma

Robert Coté

"What Am I Supposed To Say?" ESL Students' Expectation of Writing Conferences

Yianliang Liu

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Volume 15, 2008     

Preface & Table of Contents

Volume Editors:  Robert Cote & Helen Shishkin

How Learners’ Affective Variables Impact Their Perception of Recasts in The Acquisition of Grammatical Gender in L2 French

Virginie Dasse-Askildson

Maintaining Chinese as a Heritage Language in the United States: What Really Matters?

Rong Liu

The Effects of Error Feedback in Second Language Writing 

Yingliang Liu

Arab Diglossia: Student Perceptions of Spoken Arabic after Living iu the Arab-Speaking World 

Jeremy Palmer

The Use of Bilingual Discourse Markers: Identity in Mediated Learning

Elizabeth Specker

'Wanna' Contraction in Intermediate-Level Japanese Learners of English

Jeffery Witzel & Naoko Witzel           

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Volume 14, 2007

Preface & Table of Contents

Volume Editors:  Lance Askildson & Robert Cote

Do Orthography & Phonology Interact In Masked Priming?

Xiaomei Qiao & Kenneth Forster

Implications of Ultrasound Technology in the L2 Classroom

Bryan Meadows

The Role of Frequency in SLA : An Analysis of Gerunds & Infinitives in ESL Written Discourse  

Michael Schwartz & Pei-Ni Lin Causarano

Suggestions in Teacher-Student Conferences

Yingliang Liu & Jun Zhao

The Role of Lexical Cohesion in the Assessment of EFL Reading Proficiency

Fabiana Macmillan

Native Speaker or Non-Native Speaker Teacher?: A Report of Student Preferences in 4 FLClassrooms

Bryan Meadows  & Yumika Muramatsu

Arabic Diglossia: Teaching Only the Standard Variety is a Disservice to Students  

Jeremy Palmer           

Russian-Estonian Code-Switching in the University

Anastassia Zabrodskaja

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Volume 13, 2006

Preface & Table of Contents

Volume Editors:  Elizabeth Specker & Lance Askildson

The Communicative Functions of Gestures in L2 Speech

Jun Zhao

Mediated Communication from a Complexity Theory Perspective

Neil Johnson

A Crosslinguistic Study of Reduplication

Shanthi Nadarajan

Discovering Language Strategies through Self Assessment Students Becoming Independent Learners

Eleni Saltourides

A Paradigm Shift of Learner-Centered Teaching Style: Reality or Illusion?

Rong Liu,  Xiaomei Qiao, & Yingliang Liu

A Comparison of the Structural Composition of the Auxiliary in Standard American English & Jamaican Creole

Vivette Milson-Whyte

Author, Editor & SLAT Faculty Biographics


Volume 12, 2005

Preface & Table of Contents

Volume Editors:  Kristina Beckman-Brito & Elizabeth Specker           

Washback of the foreign language test of the state examinations in Colombia: A case study

Norma Barletta Manjarrés           

Refinando la noción de foco en español: Cuestiones semánticas y sintácticas

Sara Beaudrie

Lexical processing with deaf and hearing: phonology and orthographic masked priming 

Jody Cripps, Kara McBride, & Kenneth Forster           

Effects of humor in the language classroom: Humor as a pedagogical tool in theory and practice

Lance Askildson

Teacher response to Non-native selection errors in college level ESL Freshman Composition

Jessica Gerson           

Students as contrastive rhetoricians: Influence of English as a writing medium

Margaret Smith

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Volume 11, 2004

Preface & Table of Contents

Volume Editors: Estela Ene & Kristina Beckman-Brito

Processing Language Perfectly but Not Automatically

Janet Nicol & Teresa Bell

Miscommunication between ESL Writers and Writing Center Consultants: A Case Study  

Julian Heather           

Weil: 's G'hort So: A Mismatch Between Use and Textbooks

Senta Görtler           

EFL Students' Awareness of Cultural Connotations of Words

Jun Zhao

Multiple Perspectives on Teacher Evaluation in the Foreign Language Classroom 

Sara Beaudrie, Alan Brown, & Greg Thompson           

OT Account of Regressive Voicing Assimilation in Modern Hebrew and Russian  

Natalya Samokhina           

Modifations to the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test for Use with Signing Deaf Students   

Jody Cripps & Samuel Supalla

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