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Volumes 6-10, 1994-2003

Arizona Working Papers in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

University of Arizona

Modern Languages 549

1423 East University Blvd.

P.O. Box 210067

Tucson, AZ  85721-0067


Volume 10, 2003

Editor's Note, Preface, Table of Contents

Volume editors: Senta Görtler & Estela Ene

Exploring the Potential of Hypermedia Annotations for Second Language Reading

Robert Ariew and Gulcan Ercetin

Classroom Etiquette: A Cross-cultural Study of Classroom Behaviors

Kristina Beckman-Brito

Interlangauge Variation: The Influence of Contextualized Language on L2 Phonological Production

Greg L. Thompson & Alan V. Brown 

Miscue Analysis of Native and Non-Native Speakers

Angela Ferguson, Elisa Harding, Kimberly Helmer & Soo Jung Suh 

Biographical Information about the Contributors

Volume 9, 2002

Editors' Note

Claudia R. Kost & Senta Görtler


Jette G. Hansen

Shoots and Ladders in the Academic Job Search

Adrian Wurr

'C'est cool!' French Students Engage in a Collaborative, Computer-Mediated Final Exam: A Case Study

Lisa A. Jurkowitz

'I refuse you!' An Examination of English Refusals by Native Speakers of English, Lao, and Turkis

Randall Sadler & Betil Eröz

Cue Saliency Effects in Second Language Lexical Acquisition and Processing

Matthew Finkbeiner

Swiss Colloquial and the Overt Pronoun Constraint

Bonnie Fonseca-Greber

Authentic Materials for Everyday Spoken French:Corpus Linguistics vs. French Textbooks

Linda Waugh & Bonnie Fonseca-Greber

Biographical Information about the Contributors & Editors

Volume 8, 2001

Editors' Note, Preface (Jun Liu), & Table of Contents

Volume editors: Betil Eröz & Randall Sadler

Reconciling Textbook Dialogues and Naturally Occurring Talk: What We Think We Do Is Not What We Do

Kimberly Jones and Tsuyoshi Ono

Breaking the Barriers: Co-Constructing an Alternative Assessment

Lisa A. Jurkowitz and Claudia R. Kost

Indirect Negative Evidence as Corrective Feedback in Second Language Writing: Comparing Output to Input

Caroline Vickers

Romanian-English Code Switching: A Preliminary Study

Estela Ene

Romanian-English Code Switching: A Preliminary Study

Kyoko Masuda, Linda Norrix, and Kerry Green

Ethnographical Analysis of Oral Performances of Japanese as a Foreign Language Learners

Masato Kogure

Volume 7, 2000

Editor's Note, Preface, Table of Contents

Volume editors: Wendy Ashby & Julian Heather

Interlanguage Variation in the Use of the English Plural Morpheme by Japanese ESL Speakers: A Comparison with Chinese ESL Speakers

Akiko Kato, H.D. Adamson, Ritsuko Unenaka, Lori A. Stauffer, and Li-feng Chu

The Linguistic, Social and Cognitive Dimensions of a Japanese Fesfsekriff

Ian H.G. Ying

A Relational Approach to TelevisedSmaU Claim Gourds: The Construction of Fsmctiottal Identities

Sharon Deckert

Assessing the Effects of Service-Learning on Student Writing

Adrian J. Wurr

Tip-of-the-tongue States with Foreign Language Words: Resolution Types and Word Strategie

Peter Ecke

Verb Movement in French Revisited: Syntactic Theory and Experimental Data

Dalila Ayoun


Volume 6, 1999

Editor's Note, Preface, Table of Contents

Volume editors: Lawrence Berlin & Sharon Deckert

Reading in a Second Language: A Reading Problem or a Language Problem?

Adrian Wurr

Auditory Integration Training: Its Effect on Native Japanese Speakers' Perception of English

Carol M. Johnson

How Many Cows Are There in a Herd? A Look at Notional Number in Spanish Subject-Verb Agreement

Delia Greth

Acquisition of L2 Spatial Prepositions: New Words for Old Concepts?

Matthew Finkbeiner

Revisiting Traditional Assumptions in Principles-And-Parameters Theory

Dalila Ayoun 


Volumes 1-5, 1995-1998

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