2016-2017 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to current information
Zura DottonLinda WaughLanguage Policy and Language Planning in Kazakhstan: About the Proposed Shift from the Cyrillic Alphabet to the Latin
Janel Goodman MurakamiJanet NicolThe Influence of Social Cues and Cognitive Processes in Computer Mediated Second Language Learning
Bonnie HolmesJanet Nicol and Sara Beaudrie"I understand everything you say, I just don't speak it": The role of morphology in the comprehension of Spanish by receptive heritage bilinguals
Sichon KoowuttayakornLinda Waugh and Chantelle WarnerAffordances, positioning and stancetaking: A multimodal analysis of English language learning and teaching on Facebook Pages
Diego MaciasBeatrice Dupuy'What I didn't want to do', 'what I thought I would do', and 'what I ended up doing': Novice EFL Teachers' Narratives of Experience in Learning to Teach
Merica McNeilRobert AriewAn Analysis of Student-Centered Curricular Innovation in Online Language Teacher Education: A Case Study
Ahmet OkalJanet NicolTurkish Global Simulation: A Modern Strategy for Teaching Language and Culture using Web Technologies
Justin ParryBeatrice DupuyAnalyzing Hebrew Textbooks: Differing Goals and Identities in Language Classrooms
Elyse PetitBeatrice DupuyEnhancing Visual and Critical Media Literacy in a Foreign Language Classroom through Media Production and Digital Storytelling: Students’ Voice and AgencyVanderbilt University
Glen PiskulaLinda Waugh and Mariko KaratsuNegotiation for Meaning and Scaffolding Techniques: An Analysis of Social Interaction between NNS Japanese Students and NS English Instructors in a Semi-Institutional Context
Sansanee PunyalertChantelle WarnerA Genre-focused Course of Business English Learning: Video Gaming and Global Simulation
Steven RandallBeatrice DupuyAn Exploration Of A University Academic Bridge Program For English Language Learners
Malena SamaniegoSonia ColinaUndergraduate translator education in Chile—an inquiry into teacher and student thinking, learning experiences and teaching practices
Benjamin SchilatyMary Carol CombsNavigating Language Choice as a Mormon Missionary
Elizabeth TsoPerry GilmoreDiscourse, Social Scales, and Epiphenomenality of Language Policy: A Case Study of a Local, Hong Kong NGO
Samina YasminSuzanne PanferovMaking It Work for “Them”: A Technology-Enhanced Educational Innovation in Pakistan

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