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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to current information
Sara Al-BahlaniPeter EckeAssessment Literacy: A Study of EFL Teachers’ Assessment Knowledge, Perspectives, and Classroom Behaviors
Wid AllehaibyChantelle Warner"Awe No Please Love Us": Exploring L2 Teachers and Learners' Perceptions of Online Intercultural (Im) Politeness
Essa BatelJanet NicolThe Effect of Sentence Context on Second Language Word Recognition
Cody DeesSuzanne Panferov ReeseValue, Identity, and Identifying Value: Exploring meta-cognitive value in SLA contexts
Tara HashemiBeatrice DupuyImplementing a Literacy-Oriented Curriculum in the Basic Foreign Language Sequence: Insights from Stakeholders on Program Development, Instructional Materials, and Graduate Student Professional Learning
Cynthia KoppLinda Waugh &
Mary Wildner-Bassett
Narratives of Complaint: Translingual Subjectivities in the Basic Writing Classroom
Rachel LamanceShelby Staples & Christine TardyInvestigating the Development of Academic Literacies, Writing, and Identities in University Students
Stefano MaranzanaEliane Rubenstein-AvilaAnimated Cartoons in the Language Classroom: Attitudes and Perceptions of Italian L2 Students
Janelle MoserBeatrice DupuyEvaluating Arabic Textbooks: Authenticity of Genres and Vocabulary
Christian Ruvalcaba
Andrew CarnieDeriving Possession from Location, Accompaniment, and Paths to Nowhere: A Microcomparative Analysis of Clausal Possession in English and Spanish
Kayo Shintaku
Jonathon ReinhardtLiteracy Practices with Media: Popular Culture Media and the Role of Pedagogical Guidance in L2 Learning of Japanese
Jennifer SlinkardChristine TardyWriting Instructors as Arbiters of Language Policy
Pornnicha WeerakantoJonathon ReinhardtDigital Literacies of English Language Teachers and Students and Their Perceptions of Technology - enhanced Language Learning and Teaching in Thailand
Jacob WittChristine TardyDisciplinary Feedback Practices: Comparing Preferences, Expectations, and Practices

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