SLAT operates under the Guidelines for Interdisciplinary Graduate Committees, approved by the Graduate Council in Spring 1987.

It is administered by an Executive Council, currently composed of eleven members appointed by the Director of Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs, plus two SLAT student representatives chosen by vote of the SLAT students.

The Chair of the Executive Council, who is also the Chair of the SLAT program, is responsible for carrying out the duties assigned by that committee, and for maintaining appropriate records and communications.

Subcommittees are appointed with the approval of the Executive Council for screening applicants for admission, constructing and evaluating the Qualifying Exercise, curriculum review/revision, and other purposes.

The SLAT Graduate Advisor is a member of the Executive Council. The Chair and the SLAT Graduate Advisor each receive course release time for their service.

The mentorship and service role of all SLAT faculty are in addition to their normal departmental responsibilities. No faculty lines are assigned directly to SLAT.