Associate SLAT Faculty Members

Associate members of the SLAT faculty are tenured or tenure-track faculty in any department or program at The University of Arizona who have expertise in areas outside of second language acquisition and teaching, such as literature, literacy, or statistics, and who also have interest/expertise in second language acquisition and teaching. Associate faculty members may teach SLAT courses, serve as mentors and advisors, and may serve on committees.  They may not serve as sole chair of a comprehensive exam or dissertation committee for a SLAT Ph.D. student.

Home Department: Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Home Department: Psychoeducational Studies
Home Department: School of Information
Home Department: Latin American Studies

Director, Confluence Center
Home Department: Public and Applied Humanities
Home Department: Educational Psychology
Home Department: French & Italian
Home Department: Disability & Psychoeducational Studies
Home Department: Classics
Home Department: East Asian Studies
Home Department: Anthropology
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