SLAT Area Chairs

The SLAT Area Chairs serve the role as curriculum advisors and content areas for the four principle research areas and the two minor concentrations in SLAT.  Students who have questions about adding a concentration as a major or minor, who would like to obtain approval to count independent study or internship credits toward the SLAT degree, or who need signature approval on their SLAT Maps should communicate with the appropriate Area Chair.  

Home Department: Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies
Director of Graduate Studies, SLAT
SLAT Graduate Advisor (Core Coursework Advisor)
Area Chair, Certificate and Minor in Technology in Second Language Teaching
Home Department: German Studies
Interim Area Chair (Fall 2020), Sociocultural Dimensions of L2 Learning
Home Department: Linguistics
Area Chair, Linguistic dimensions of L2 learning
Home Department: French and Italian
Area Chair, Instructional dimensions of L2 learning
Home Department: Public and Applied Humanities
Chair, SLAT Executive Council
Area Chair, Certificate and Minor in Language Program Administration
Home Department; Spanish & Portuguese
Area Chair, Cognitive dimensions of L2 learning