Earn digital badges with SLAT!

SLAT is always looking for our students and alumni to gain personal and professional development, and preparation for the job market. Starting in Fall 2021, participants in SLAT webinars, workshops, and colloquia can earn digital badges that they can add to their resumes and share on their online job market accounts (such as LinkedIn).

We have prepared two distinct badges. The first badge is gained by completing any of the six individual SLAT Writing Workshops. Participants who complete each session and the follow-up assessment can earn a SLAT Writing Series Attendance Badge. If a participant attends all six of the designated events of the Writing Series, they can level up and earn the SLAT Writing Series Golden Badge.

The second badge is the SLAT Professional Development Series Attendance Badge. This badge can be awarded to participants who attend any of the 2021-2022 SLAT Webinars and Colloquia, and complete the follow-up assessment survey. Participants who attend eight or more of the Professional Development sessions can level up and earn the SLAT Professional Development Series Golden Badge. See the listing of all the SLAT professional development opportunities here.

To earn a badge, simply register to attend the event and then complete the survey assessment that the SLAT Program Coordinator will send out at the end of each session. You should use the same email account to register for the event, to attend the event, to complete the assessment, and to create/log in to your Badgr account.

Please note that earning digital badges does not count for units or credit at the University of Arizona or any other institution.

If you’re interested in earning badges or learning more about Badgr, please go to https://arizona.badgr.com to create an account and peruse the Badgr website. If you want to learn how to connect digital badges to other social media accounts and/or LinkedIn, go to: https://support.badgr.com/en/knowledge/sharing-badges-on-social-media. If you need specific help with Badgr, go to: https://intech.arizona.edu/tools/badgr.

For questions about SLAT’s badges or the badge-earning process, please email GIDP-SLAT@email.arizona.edu.