The admission criteria established by the Executive Council of the SLAT Program include a review of the following:

  • Academic record
  • Solid focus on research questions related to L2 acquisition and/or teaching
  • Quality of master’s level research
  • Appropriateness and quality of preparation
  • Quality of performance in prior coursework
  • Honors and awards indicating exceptional ability
  • Statement of purpose: clear articulation of goals related to earning a degree/certification in SLAT, including research orientation
  • Match of SLAT resources to applicant interests
  • Second Language (L2) or Foreign Language (FL) teaching, travel, study abroad, and other relevant experiences
  • Writing sample: ability to organize and synthesize information; likelihood of success with dissertation requirement
  • Recommendations, particularly with respect to academic potential
  • Current GRE Aptitude scores and (for international applicants) current TOEFL scores
  • L2 competence
  • Contribution to SLAT diversity and balance
  • Other potential for contributions to the program/profession

If you have any questions about the SLAT program, the online application, or admissions procedures, please call the SLAT office at 1-520-621-7391 or by email at