Frequently Asked Questions

1) If I have completed a master's degree, must I retake the GRE?

All applicants must submit current GRE scores (taken less than five years ago). If your scores are out of date, you will need to re-take the exam.

2) Is there a minimum GRE score?

SLAT does not list a minimum score, although entrance to SLAT is competitive and GRE scores are used in a variety of ways to determine applicant proficiency and potential program fit.

3) Must I re-take the iBT, TOEFL or other English-language proficiency exam?

International students from non-English speaking countries must demonstrate English language proficiency to be admitted to the University of Arizona Graduate College. Language proficiency exams must have been taken within the past two years to be valid. International applicants who have completed a master’s degree at an institution in an English-speaking country¬† do not need to re-take the exam.¬† More information on English proficiency requirements may be found here.

4) What is the institution code to submit my GRE and TOEFL scores? What is SLAT's department code?

For both exams, the Institution code for the University of Arizona is 4832. SLAT does not have a department code.  Please leave the department code blank to avoid incorrectly routed scores.

5) Where do I mail my transcripts?

Please do not mail transcripts with your application. Transcripts should be scanned and uploaded electronically into the SLAT online application.

6) But seriously, where do I mail my transcripts?

If you absolutely must send paper documents, please mail them to:

1103 East 2nd Street
Harvill, Room 241
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0076

Students who are recommended for admission by the SLAT admissions committee will be asked to submit original transcripts after their files have been reviewed. Final admission to the University of Arizona depends on receipt and verification of official transcripts from all institutes of higher education attended by the applicant.

7) May I submit recommendation letters, or must they come directly from the letter writer?

SLAT prefers letters be submitted electronically through the online letter module available through the online application. However, if a letter writer cannot use the electronic module, letters may be printed on official letterhead and mailed in sealed, signed envelopes to the address indicated above, or else they may send an electronic letter from their professional email address to As long as the letters are sealed and signed by the recommender across the seal, they may be mailed by either the letter writer or the applicant. Please note that SLAT does not provide a form or template to include with letters submitted on paper.