Student Research Funding

Linda Waugh / SLAT Research Awards

Student research is vital to the SLAT program and to the academics of the SLAT graduate students.  To the extent possible, and when funding is available, SLAT will monetarily support SLAT Student Research.  Funding for SLAT student research is either through a generous donation by SLAT Emerita Faculty member, Dr. Linda Waugh, or from SLAT’s funds when available. 

Awards will be made to students based upon the following criteria:

  • IRB approval
  • Academic standing in the program
  • Appropriate Progress to Degree, as outlined in the SLAT Student Handbook.

Funds may be used for the following types of research costs:  individual software, subject compensation, printing costs, supplies such as workbooks, transcription costs when provided by an approved UA vendor, video or audio recorders for the sole purpose of data collection, or travel abroad when the goal is collection of research data. IRB approval is not a requirement to apply or receive an award. However, if you do not have IRB approval or do not need IRB approval for your research project, please provide those details in your application.

Calls for award applications will be sent out via email twice a year by the SLAT Program Coordinator, in October and March each year. For the October call, the deadline to apply will be in November and awards will be disbursed in December. For the March call, the deadline to apply will be in April and awards will be disbursed in early May.

If you do need a video or audio recorder and you don’t want to purchase one, these items may be able to be checked out from the Main Library, through UA’s Gear to Go, or through the College of Humanities Computing Services Equipment Library.

No awards will be made for supplemental compensation through the UA payroll system. All awards will be made as fellowship stipends and processed in the student’s bursar account.

Please contact the SLAT administrative offices at for more information and with any questions that you may have.