SLAT Student Handbook Table of Contents

Ph.D. Degree

The SLAT Student Handbook contains detailed descriptions of all degree requirements for the Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching¬†including required course work, examination policies, dissertation requirements, and many other important items. It is each student’s responsibility to be aware of and comply with all the policies found in the Ph.D. Student Handbook. Students should consult the Ph.D. Handbook frequently, particularly prior to important milestones, to ensure that they are complying with all department and university policies. SLAT Ph.D. milestones are listed following the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

  • A. Course Work Requirements
    • A1. Overview
    • A2. Core Courses
    • A3. Courses in Program Specializations
    • A4. The Minor
    • A5. SLAT Minor for Doctoral Students in Other Majors
    • A6. Independent Studies
    • A7. Workshops and Required Meetings
    • A8. Auditing Courses
    • A9. En Route MA in SLAT
    • A10. Responsible Conduct of Research and Doctoral Plan of Study



  • C. Examinations
    • C1. Second Language Proficiency
    • C2. Qualifying Exercise
      • a. Purpose
      • b. Timing
      • c. Components of the Qualifying Exercise
      • d. Successful Completion of Qualifying Review
      • e. Responsibilty for Questions and Grading
    • C3. Comprehensive Examination
      • a. Summary of Purpose
      • b. Structure
      • c. Timing
      • d. Size and Composition of Comprehensive Examination Committees
      • e. Exam Time Limits
      • f. Written Comprehensive Exam: Format and Procedures
      • g. Oral Comprehensive Exam: Format and Procedures
      • h. Evaluation
    • C4. Candidacy and the Dissertation Proposal
    • C5. Final Oral Examination


  • D. Dissertation
    • D1. Dissertation Committee
    • D2. Dissertation Proposal
    • D3. Public Presentation of Dissertation Proposal
    • D4. Human Subjects Review
    • D5. Dissertation Style


  • E. Academic Policies
    • E1. Satisfactory Academic Progress
    • E2. Leave of Absence
    • E3. Minimum Enrollment
    • E4. Full-time Status


  • F. Student Support
    • F1. Internal Sources of Funding
    • F2. Time Limit for Internal Financial Support
    • F3. External Sources of Funding


SLAT Ph.D. Guidelines for Satisfactory Academic Progress