Guidelines for Satisfactory Academic Progress

SLAT and SLAT’s Executive Council, along with the Graduate college expect timely and orderly progress towards the degree.  Below are the program milestones and the expected completion window.  Recommendations from the Executive Council will be sought when a student fails to meet the milestones in the appropriate time frame.  Some milestones are more rigid in expected completion.  Students who are considered not making progress to degree can expect written notification from the Executive Council, and may have their registration of SLAT 920 dissertations units suspended.  These milestones that are particularly rigid are:

  • the completion of Comps by the end of the 7th semester,
  • presentation of the Dissertation Proposal within 6 months of Comps, and
  • defense of the dissertation by April of the 10th semester.

Students may request extensions and/or appeals of milestone deadlines in extreme cases, where a leave of absence is not appropriate.  Such extreme cases may include, but not limited to, delays due to advisor unavailability (e.g. sabbaticals).  In such cases, students should request an extension through the Program Coordinators and the Director, both of whom will seek guidance from the Executive Council when appropriate.

Students have the right to formally request exceptions to program policies and procedures or formally appeal program decisions.  The appeal must be made in writing to the Director of Graduate Studies.  The appeal will be reviewed with the Program Director and may include a collective meeting with the student.  The appeal will be presented to the Executive Council  who will make the decision on the appeal and  will notify the student in writing of the decision.  The Executive Council make place additional requirements and/or deadlines on the student in order to continue in the program.  Students may want to review the following link for a summary of grievance types and the responsible parties: (link is external).

Click here for a printable version of the SLAT Guidelines for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Establish proficiency in a 2nd languageat entry - by comps
Pass 1st Year Qualifying Reviewby end of 1st year
Submit verification RCoR via GradPathby beg of 2nd semester
Complete/Submit SLAT Plan of Studyby end of 2nd sem
Complete 1st year workshopby end of 2nd sem
Complete/Submit Plan of Study via GradPathby end of 3rd sem
Complete 2nd year workshopat end of 4th sem
Complete 3rd year workshopat end of 5th sem
Form Comps committeeby end of 6th sem
Submit Comps Announcement form via GradPath10 days before oral exam
Complete PhD course workby end of 7th sem
Complete PhD Compsby end of 7th sem
Create dissertation committeewithin 2 mos of Comps, by beg of 8th sem
File Committee Appt. form via GradPathby beginning of 8th sem
Present dissertation proposalw/in 6 mos of Comps, by end of 8th sem
Submit Announcement of Final Oral Exam via GradPath10 days before defense
Defend dissertationby April of 10th sem
Graduateby May of 10th sem