1995-1996 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Catherine Marie BarretteKaren L. Smith An Assessment of the Effects of the Use of Self-Selected Texts from the World Wide Web on Foreign Language Reading Comprehension
Peter EckeMerrill GarrettCross-Language Studies of Lexical Retrieval: Tip-of-the-Tongue States in First and Foreign Languages
Junlin PanMuriel Saville-TroikeOccurrence/Nonoccurrence, Distribution, and Interpretation of Zero Anaphora in Chinese Conversational Discourse
Dorothy Clare PetersonKaren L. SmithFeedback System Factors and Their Effects on Attitudes, Perspectives, and Pedagogical Content Knowledge of University Foreign Language Teachers
SyahdanRudolph TroikeSasak-Indonesian Codeswitching

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