1996-1997 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Paola Eulalia DussiasRudolph Troike, Switching at no cost : exploring Spanish-English codeswitching using the response-contingent sentence matching task
Mubangu ItangazaRenate SchulzThe Effect of Suppemental Homework Tasks Involving Referential Questions on Learners’ Target Language Linguistic Output and Accuracy
Zsuzsanna IttzesMary Wildner-BassettWritten Conversation: Investigating Communicative Foreign Language Use in Written Form in Computer Conference Writing and Group Journals
David Allan WrightMary Wildner-BassettThe Roles of Culture: Promoting Positive Attitudes in the Second- and Foreign-Language Classroom
Ning YuJane HillThe Contemporary Theory of Metaphor: A Perspective from Chinese

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