1997-1998 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdivsor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Ellen Hazlehurst CourtneyMuriel Saville-Troike,Child Acquisition of Quechua Morphosyntax
Nan JiangKenneth ForsterUnderstanding bilingual lexical organization : evidence from masked cross-language priming in Chinese-English bilinguals
Kuniyoshi KataokaJane HillThe Vertical Experience in English and Japanese Spatial Discourse
Yi Li LiRobert AriewUsing Task-Based E-mail Activities in Developing Academic Writing Skills in English as a Second Language
Birgit M. Meerholz-HaerleMary Wildner-BassettTeachers talking shop : a discourse study of TA coordination meetings
Yvonna M. RoepckeJane HillPronouns in Discourse: International and U.S. Tas Construct Social Groups and Identities
Anuradha RuhilMary Wildner-Bassett “I Lost the Bus: Can You Give me a Ride Home?”: Native and Nonnative English Speakers’ Speech Act Production and Metapragmatic Judgments: A Study on Apologies, Complaints and Requests
Hao SunMuriel Saville-TroikeTelephone Conversations in Chinese and English: A Comparative Study Across Languages and Functions
Shoji TakanoKimberly Jones The Myth of a Homogenous Speech Community: The Speech of Japanese Women in Non-Traditional Gender Roles
Anjel TozcuFrank PialorsiThe Effect of Teaching Sight Vocabulary with Computer Assisted Instruction on Vocabulary Gain, Decrease in Reaction Time or Frequent Word Recognition, and Reading Comprehension
Hong Guang YingAndrew Barss and Janet NicolKnowledge of Reconstruction in a Second Language

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