1999-2000 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Lawrence Norman BerlinTeresa McCarty and Mary Wildner-BassettToward a “Working Definition” of Effective Language Instruction in the Multicultural ESL Classroom
J. Adam DudsicKenneth ForsterPriming asymmetries in chinese-english bilinguals : a series of single-subject studies
Noriko IwasakiMerrill GarrettSpeaking Japanese: L1 and L2 Grammatical Encoding of Case Particles and Adjectives/Adjectival Nouns
Carol M.JohnsonJanet NicolAuditory integration training : its effect on the perception of english of native and nonnative speakers
Yoshiko OkuyamaRobert AriewComputer-Assisted Japanese Vocabulary Learning: The Choice of Script in Call
Hyeson ParkRudolph TroikeChild Second Language Acquisition and Grammatical Theories: The Minimalist Program and Optimality Theory
Miki ShibataAdrienne Lehrer Comparing Lexical Aspect and Narrative Discourse in Second Language Learners’ Tense-Aspect Morphology: A Cross Sectional Study of Japanese as a Second Language
Meena SinghalRobert AriewThe Effects of Reading Strategy Instruction on the Reading Comprehension, Reading Process and Strategy Use of Adult ESL Readers
Tully J.ThibeauCecile McKeeEnglish Prepositions in Phrasal Verbs: A Study in Second Language Acquisition

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