2000-2001 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Stephanie DuisbergRenate SchulzHigh School Heritage Learners of Spanish: An Investigation of Language Attitudes
Luciana FellinJane HillLanguage Ideologies, Language Socialization and Language Revival in an Italian Alpine Community
Bonnibeth Beale Fonseca-GreberAdrienne Lehrer and Linda WaughThe Change from Pronoun to Clitic to Prefix and the Rise of Null Subjects in Spoken Swiss French
Julia Gousseva-GoodwinRobert AriewCollaborative writing assignments and on-line discussions in an advanced ESL composition class
Phillip Edward HammondsGrace FielderDirective Speech Acts in Conflict Situations among Advanced Non-Native Speakers of English
Sachie KarasawaMary Wildner-BassettRelevance Theory and Redundancy Phenomena in Second Language Learners’ Written English Discourse: An Interlanguage Pragmatics Perspective
Nariyo KonoRichard RuizLanguage orientations : case study of a Japanese- as-a-foreign -language classroom
Teresa ReberRenate SchulzEffective teaching behaviors and attitudes as perceived by foreign language teachers
Gail Ellen ShuckJane HillImagining the Native Speaker: The Poetics of Complaint in University Student Discourse
Adrian John WurrMary Wildner-BassettThe Impact and Effects of Service-Learning on Native and Non-Native English Speaking College Composition Students

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