2001-2002 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Sumru AkcanYetta GoodmanEffective Teaching Strategies for Oral Second Language Use in German and French First Grade Immersion Classrooms
Marcia Helena CoimbraMary Wildner-BassettInternational Teaching Assistants (ITAs) in Multiple Roles: The Impact of an ITA Development Program on ITA’s Effective Learning and Teaching Performance in the American College Class
Nizar Kamal IbrahimJun LiuFeedback on ESL Writing: Can we Integrate Form?
Holly E. JacobsonMuriel Saville-TroikeTranslation of the Health Brochure and Impact on the Target Reader: A Contrastive Analysis of the Structural and Pragmatic Features of Texts Translated into Spanish Versus Texts Written Originally in Spanish
Akiko KatoMuriel Saville-TroikeInterlanguage Variation in Pitch and Forms of English Negatives: The Case of Japanese Speakers of English
Kyoko MasudaRudolph TroikeA Cognitive Approach to Japanese Locative Postpositions NI and DE: A Case Study of Spoken and Written Discourse
David B. SmithRobert AriewTaking Students to Task: Task-Based Computer-Mediated Communication and Negotiated Interaction in the ESL Classroom
Toshiyuki SuzukiMerrill GarrettOn the Garden Path
Chanika VadhanasindhuMuriel Saville-TroikeContrastive Discourse Analysis and Reader Perception of Newspaper Editorials in Thai and English
Jun YangMuriel Saville-TroikeThe Acquisition of Temporality by Adult Second Language Learners of Chinese

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