2002-2003 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Mohammad Al-QuadhiaeenRudolph TroikeThe Syntax of Saudi Arabic-English Intrasentential Codeswitching
Wendy AshbyLinda WaughAuthoring the German “Other”; A Semiotic, Narrative Discourse Analysis of the Culture Box in Beginning L2 German Textbooks
Betil EroezLinda WaughAn Ethnographic Examination of International Students in English Composition Classes: Cultural Patterns, Classroom Dynamics, and Adjustment Difficulties
Matt FinkbeinerJanet Nicol Bilingual lexical memory: towards a psycholinguistic model of adult L2 lexical acquisition, representation, and processing
Julian HeatherRenate SchulzThe Validity of Computer-Mediated Communicative Language Tests
Masato KogureSusan PhilipsGender Differences in the Use of Backchannels: Do Japanese Men and Women Accommodate to Each Other
Rosa Maria Mejia-UribeRudolph TroikeThe Place of Culture in ESL Master’s Programs in the United States
Maria Angeles Serrano LopezLinda Waugh3-D Clay Modeling Instruction: A Pathway to Spatial Concept Formation in Second Language Learners
Enchao ShiH. Douglas Adamson and Andy BarssSecond Language Grammar and Secondary Predication

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