2007-2008 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Lance AskildsonBeatrice Dupuy and Janet NicolPhonological Bootstrapping in Word Recognition and Whole Language Reading: A Composite Pedagogy for L2lanceaskildson@academia.edu
Virginie Askildson (DasseBeatrice DupuyWhat do Teachers and Students Want from a Foreign Language Textbook?
Maite CorreaPeter EckeMetalinguistic Knowledge and the Acquisition of the Spanish Subjunctive by Learners at Three Proficiency Levels
Nolvia CortezLinda WaughAm I in the Book? Imagined Communities and Language Ideologies of English in a Global EFL Textbook
Jody CrippsSam Supalla A Case Study on Reading Processes of Signing Deaf Children
Jessica Eve GerardLinda Waugh and Yetta GoodmanThe Reading of Formulaic Sequences in a Native and Non-Native Language: An Eye Movement Analysis
Kimberly Adilia HelmerMary Wildner-Bassett Year One at “City” High School: An Ethnographic Study of Heritage Language Learners at an Innovative Charter School
Neil JohnsonMary Wildner-BassettGenre as Concept in Second Language Academic Writing Pedagogy
Lisa JurkowitzMary Wildner-BassettInteraction, Meaning-Making, and Accuracy in Synchronous CMC Discussion: The Experiences of a University-Level Intermediate French Class
Norma Barletta ManjarresLinda WaughEnglish Teachers in Colombia: Ideologies and Identities in Academic Writing
Yumika MuramatsuJun LiuThe Role of Native-Speaker Status and Cultural Background: A Multidimensional Case Study of Teacher-Student Interaction in English Composition Classes
Shanthi NadarajanH. Douglas AdamsonMeasuring Academic Vocabulary Size and Depth in the Writing Classroom: Does it Really Matter?
Veronica Susanne OstertagMary Wildner-Bassett An Investigation Of The Value Of Fictional Texts As A Tool For Enriching German Language And Culture Learning: A Kaleidoscopic View Of Outcomes And Possibilities
Boon Joo ParkJanet NicolSyntactic Persistence Within and Across Languages in English and Korean L1 and L2 Speakers
Elizabeth SpeckerLinda Waugh and Tom Bever L1/L2 Eye Movement Reading of Closed Captioning: A Multimodal Analysis of Multimodal Use
Cheryl TraigerLinda WaughTourists’ English Expectations: Discourse Analysis of Attitudes towards Language and Culture on Travel Websites
Xin WangKenneth ForsterBilingual Lexical Representation and Processing: Evidence from Masked Priming Studies

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