2008-2009 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Chang-Ching ChenJanet NicolThe representation and processing of past tense in Chinese English-language learnerschangchingchen@academia.edu
Maria Rocio DelgadoEliane Rubinstein-AvilaSpanish Heritage Language Socialization Practices of a Family of Mexican Origin
Keith JohnsonNatasha WarnerSecond Language Acquisition of the Spanish Multiple Vibrant Consonant
Brittany LindseyLuAnn GerkenLa Is Better than el: The Role of Regularity and Lexical Familiarity in Noun Phrase Production by Young Spanish-Speaking Children
Yingliang LiuJun LiuESL Students in the College Writing Conferences: Perception and Participation
Bryan MeadowsLinda WaughNationalism and Language Learning at the US/Mexico Border: An Ethnigraphically-Sensitive Critical Discourse Analysis of the Reproduction of Nation, Power, and Privilege in an English Language Classroom
Carmen Helena Nieto GuerreroLinda WaughNational Standards for the Teaching of English in Colombia: A Critical Discourse Analysis
Kathleen O’Brien-de RamirezYetta Goodman and Linda Waugh Silent, Oral, L1, L2, French and English Reading Through Eye Movements and Miscues
Jeremy Leland PalmerSamira FarwanehStudent Acculturation, Language Preference, and L2 Competence in Study Abroad Programs in the Arabic-Speaking World
Xiaomei QiaoKen ForsterThe Representation of Newly Learned Words in the Mental Lexicon
Seiji WatanabeTimothy VanceCultural and Educational Contributions to Recent Phonological Changes in Japanese
Yi XuHeidi HarleyThe Syntax, Processing and Second Language Acquisition of Chinese Relative Clauses

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