2009-2010 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Mary Margaret Hodges-PopovaPerry GilmoreMandela’s children and youth day: Representations of national identity in South African news mediamaryhodgespopova@academia.edu
Maria Kelly-CervantesRoseann GonzalezTranslation and Interpretation as a Means to Improve Bilingual High School Students’ English and Spanish Academic Language Proficiency
Li-Feng KuoJun LiuChildren’s Use of Requests In Chinese (L1) And English (L2): A Case Study In Taiwan
Rong LiuJanet Nicol and Robert AriewThe acquisition and online processing of anaphora by Chinese-English bilinguals: A computer assisted study
Kelly LowtherAna Carvalho Identity and Language Ideology in the Intermediate Spanish Heritage Language Classroom
Frank MalgesiniLinda WaughAn Ethnographic Approach to Literature: Reading Wildfell Hall in the L1 and L2 Classroom
Natalya SamokhinaDiane Ohala and Natasha WarnerPhonetics and Phonology of Regressive Voicing Assimilation in Russian Native and Non-native Speech
Eleni SaltouridesRobert AriewThe Sociocultural Impact of Technology on Adult Immigrant English as a Second Language Learners
Elena ShishkinPeter EckeLanguage Dominance and Culture Dominance: L2 Acquisition, L1 Maintenance, And Culture Identification Among Russian Immigrants In The U.S.
Hassan SouleymanRobert AriewImplicit and explicit vocabulary acquisition with a computer-assisted hypertext reading task: Comprehension and retention
Ana Cecilia Villarreal-BallesterosLinda WaughProfessional Identity Formation and Development Of Imagined Communities In An English Language Major In Mexico
Clay WilliamsThomas BeverSemantic vs. Phonetic Decoding Strategies in Non-Native Readers of Chinese
Autumn WittJun LiuEstablishing the Validity of the Task-Based English Speaking Test (TBEST) for International Teaching Assistants

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