2010-2011 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Tina BadstuebnerPeter EckeL1 Attrition: German Immigrants in the U.S.
Theresa CatalanoGrace FielderXeno-Racism and Discursive Construction of “Us” vs. “Them”: Cosa Nostra, Wall Street and Immigrants in Crime ReportsAcademia.edu
Research Gate
Miriam Diaz GranadoMiguel Simonet and Natasha WarnerL2 and L3 acquisition of the Portuguese stressed vowel inventory by native speakers of English
Jeffrey GabbitasDouglas AdamsonArticulation in the Spanish program at a large southwestern university: A case study
Gwynne GonzalesSara BeaudrieSpanish Heritage Language Use, Linguistic Integrity and Social Network
Nadia HamrouniKenneth ForsterStructure and processing in Tunisian Arabic: Speech error data
Angelica SandovalJun LiuAttitude, Motivation, and English Language Learning in a Mexican College Context
Helen ShishkinPeter EckeLanguage Dominance and Culture Dominance: Russian Immigrants in the US
Naoko WitzelKen ForsterHow Words are Represented in Bilingual MemoryAcademia.edu
Research Gate

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