2011-2012 SLAT Dissertations

To access the full text of these dissertations, please see the University of Arizona library database.

Student NameAdvisor(s)Title Link to Current Information
Elizabeth EnkinKenneth Forster The Maze Task: Using a Computerized Psycholinguistic Experimental Technique in Examining Methodologies for Second Language Learning
Olga EllisRobert AriewVoice vs. Text Chats: Their Efficacy for Leaning Probing Questions by Non-Native Speaking Medical Professionals in Online CoursesAcademia.edu
Lingxia JinLinda R. WaughSecond Language Acquisition of Spatial Metaphors in English and Chinese Writings: Insights from Learner and Native Corpora
Kara JohnsonJun Liu and Linda WaughPeer and Self Review: A holistic examination of EFL learners’ writing and review process
Alexandra KuchukLinda R. WaughPoliteness in Intercultural Communication: Some Insights into Pragmatics of English as an International Language
Janna Orlova ShaefferMary Wildner-BassettDevelopment of Intercultural Competence in Intermediate Foreign Language Learners
Hongmei WuKenneth Forster Mechanisms of Masked Priming: Testing the Entry Opening Model

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