2011-2012 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Elizabeth EnkinKenneth Forster The Maze Task: Using a Computerized Psycholinguistic Experimental Technique in Examining Methodologies for Second Language Learning
Olga EllisRobert AriewVoice vs. Text Chats: Their Efficacy for Leaning Probing Questions by Non-Native Speaking Medical Professionals in Online CoursesAcademia.edu
Lingxia JinLinda R. WaughSecond Language Acquisition of Spatial Metaphors in English and Chinese Writings: Insights from Learner and Native Corpora
Kara JohnsonJun Liu and Linda WaughPeer and Self Review: A holistic examination of EFL learners’ writing and review process
Alexandra KuchukLinda R. WaughPoliteness in Intercultural Communication: Some Insights into Pragmatics of English as an International Language
Janna Orlova ShaefferMary Wildner-BassettDevelopment of Intercultural Competence in Intermediate Foreign Language Learners
Hongmei WuKenneth Forster Mechanisms of Masked Priming: Testing the Entry Opening Model

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