2013-2014 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current Information
Jose Aldemar ValenciaLinda Waugh Language, Learning and Identity in Social Networking Sites for Language Learning: the Case of BusuuAcademia.edu
Research Gate
Katie Burns Al MasaeedRobert AriewThe Ideology of U.S. Spanish in Foreign and Heritage Language Curricula: Insights from Textbooks and Instructor Focus Groups
Katie AngusBeatrice DupuyMeeting the Needs of Foreign Language Teaching Assistants: Professional Development in American Universities
Mahmoud AzazThomas Bever and Linda WaughAcquisition of Form-Meaning Mapping in L2 Arabic and English Noun Phrases: A Bidirectional Framework
Mike ChildAna CarvalhoCross-linguistic Influence in L3 Portuguese Learning: Language Learning Perceptions and the Knowledge and Transfer of Mood Distinctions by Three Groups of English-Spanish Bilinguals
Robert CoteMary Wildner-BassettThe Role of Student Attitiude Towards peer Review in Anonymous Electronic Peer Review in an EFL Writing Classroom
Brian HibbsKathy Short Reading Children’s and Adolescent Literature in Three University Second-Semester Spanish Courses: An Action Research StudyAcademia.edu
Research Gate
Tamara MCLinda WaughBlending Lifewriting and Technology to Teach Language, Culture, and Identity in the ESL ClassroomAcademia.edu
Kathlyn Spires DiazToni Griego-Jones Achieving Academic English Competencies: Perspectives From Mexican Adult Immigrants In A Community College ESL Classroom
Mohammed TamimiRobert AriewTeaching culture in Arabic: Perspectives on the use of blended learning and Hypermedia
M’Balia ThomasLinda Waugh“Girl Talk” ~ A dialogic approach to narrative analysis in second/foreign language researchAcademia.edu

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