2014-2015 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current information
Iqbal Al BalushiLinda WaughCritical Semiotic Order Theory: The Misconstruction of Arab And Muslim Identities And Voices In Hollywood Movies
Karen BartoJanet Nicol and Miguel Simonet Mandarin Speakers’ Intonation in their L2 EnglishAcademia.edu
Katherine ChristoffersenAna Carvalho Language Choice and Code-Switching among Sequential and Simultaneous Bilingual Children: An Analysis of Grammatical, Functional and Identity-Related PatternsAcademia.edu
Sonja FordhamLinda WaughTeacher Feedback Stance and Student Response in the ESL Composition Classroom
Kristin HellandLinda WaughMultilingualism and Code-switching in Popular Culture and Literary Texts: A Multimodal Critical Discourse AnalysisAcademia.edu
Research Gate
Soomin JwaLinda WaughGenre Knowledge Development: Tracing Trajectories of L2 Students’ Transitions to Disciplinary Expectations in College Writing
Kristen MichelsonBeatrice DupuyMediating Pedagogies for Teaching and Learning Language and Culture as Discourse: A multiliteracies-based Global Simulation in Intermediate FrenchAcademia.edu
Research Gate
Timothy MurphyDouglas AdamsonThe Use of Film in a First Year College Writing Class for ESL Students
Robert PoolJonathon Reinhardt A Corpus Approach to Ecological Discourse Analysis and L2 Writing PedagogyAcademia.edu
Paul Renigar, JrLinda WaughMetaphors From Quantum Physics: Enhancing Ecological L2 Social Networking In An Intermediate Italian Course
Yasumasa ShigenagaThomas BeverProcessing and Acquisition of Scrambled Sentences by Learners of Japanese as a Second Language
Osman SolmazJonathon ReinhardtMultilingual Students’ Management of Transnational Identities in Online Participatory SpacesAcademia.edu
John Viafara GonzalezRobert AriewMultilingual Students’ Management of Transnational Identities in Online Participatory Spaces

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