2015-2016 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to Current information
Fahd AlalwiPeter EckeIntercultural Competence Development in a Study Abroad Context: Saudi Learners in the United StatesAcademia.edu
Adnan AlobaidSuzanne PanferovTesting, Assessment, and Evaluation in Language ProgramsAcademia.edu
Asma AlsahilRobert AriewSocial Networking Mediated Intercultural Communicative Competence: Affordances and Constraints
Hope AndersonRobert AriewBlended Basic Language Courses: Making Pedagogical and Administrative Choices about Technology
Zachary BrooksTom Bever and Linda WaughBilingual decision making: verbal probability, ethics, and cognition
Rachel KrautKenneth Forster and Janet NicolThe Development of Second Language Reading and Morphological Processing SkillsResearch Gate
Denise OsborneMiquel SimonetThe Acquisition of Fine Phonetic Detail in a Foreign Language: Perception and Production of Stops in L2 English and L1 Portuguese
Christine PalumboLuis Moll and Christine TardyImagined Destinations: The Role of Subjectivity and the Generative Potential of Lived Experiences in Adult English Learners’ Paths to FluencyAcademia.edu
Mustafa PolatRobert AriewEmerging Technologies in Language Pedagogy: Language Learners' Perceptions through the Lenses of Innovation Diffusion and User Intention Theories
Steve PrzymusLeisy WymanSocial Semiotics, Education, and Identity: Creating Trajectories for Youth at Schools to Perform Knowledge and Identities as Language UsersAcademia.edu
Migdalia RodriguezSuzanne PanferovEffective Pedagogical Practices in Online English Language Teacher EducationResearch Gate
Karim Shaker IbrahimJonathon ReinhardtThe Interplay of Languaging and Gameplay: Player-game Interactions as Ecologies for Languaging and Situated L2 Development
Heather SmyserMary AltThe Goldilocks of Variability and Complexity: The Acquisition of Mental Orthographic Representations in Emergent Refugee Readers
Veronika WilliamsSuzanne PanferovAn Evaluation of a Program for Intentional Learning: A Hybrid Approach to Fostering Learner Autonomy
Adnan YilmazLinda WaughIntercultural Communicative Competence Through the Lens of Semio-Ethnography: Research on Turkish International Graduate Student in the US Socio-Semiotic WorldAcademia.edu
Jinjing ZhaoJonathon ReinhardtAn Ecological Analysis of Digital Game-Mediated Second Language Learning

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