2017-2018 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to current information
Riyad AlhomsiSuzanne PanferovCo-Curricular Technology Engagement and Its Effects on Arabic Language Learner Motivation, Autonomy, and Language Proficiency
Alan KohlerLinda Waugh & Christine TardyWhat Lies Beneath: The Revelatory Power Of Metonymy In Discourse, Language Planning, And Higher Education
Kristin LangeChantelle WarnerTextbook Literacies - Investigating the Potential of Commercial Textbooks for Literacies-Oriented Instruction and the Professional Development of Graduate Students
Linda LemusAna Carvalho & Ana Christina da Silva IddingsPortraits of Multilinguals on Social Network Sites: Identity Negotiation and Language Use
Trudie McEvoyMary Wildner-Bassett & Cynthia DucarAn Exploration of Motivation in Lower Level Heritage Language Learners
Kristian Adi PutraLeisy WymanYouth, Technology and Indigenous Language Revitalization in Indonesia
Jieun RyuJonathon ReinhardtPragmatics Instruction in Korean as a Foreign Language Programs in the U.S.: Overview of the Programs, Instructors’ Beliefs, and Pedagogical Application
Michael SayleFeng-hsi Liu & Linda WaughFigurative language processes in L2 Mandarin grammar: the interaction between structure and context/world knowledge
Christopher Vasquez-WrightBeatrice DupuyLanguage learner identity of Mormon missionaries: Implications for second language pedagogy and research

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