2019-2020 SLAT Dissertations

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Student NameAdvisor(s)TitleLink to current information
Amani AlageelQing Zhang and Linda WaughLanguage Variation Style, and the Construction of Micro-Celebrity Personas
Jenna Altherr-FloresChantelle WarnerSocial Semiotics and Literacy: How Refugee-Background Adult Second Language Learners With Emerging Literacy Make Meaning in Multimodal Assessment Texts
Hicham AssaouiThomas BeverCoreference Assignment and Anaphora Resolution in Arabic
Elif BurhanChristine TardyUnderstanding Multiple Layers of Practice: A Study on Academic Discourse Socialization in Engineering Research Teams
Borbala GasparWenhao DiaoShifting Goals in Italian Learning: Imagination, Multilingualism, and Agency in the Narratives of Underrepresented Foreign Language Learners
Mariela LopezMiquel SimonetEffects of Native Phonology on Spoken Word Recognition and Second Language Phonological Processing
Timothy O'ConnellSuzanne Panferov-ReeseStakeholder’s Perceptions of the 2010 English Language Training Program Accreditation Act
Joan Palmiter BajorekMichael HammondSpeaking of Language Technology
Adriana Picoral Sarandy Machado ScheideggerShelley StaplesL3 Portuguese by Spanish-English Bilinguals: Copula Construction Use and Acquisition in Corpus Data
Nicole SchmidtBeatrice DupuyTeaching Digital Literacies: Knowledges, Practices, and Resources in Second Language Writing
Amanda Snell ShuffelbargerChantelle WarnerSubversive Survival Through Critical Creativity in Community-Based Adult Second Language Contexts
Bruna Sommer FariasChristina Tardy“This is Helping Me With Writing in All Languages”: Developing Genre Knowledge Across Languages in a Foreign Language Course
Angel SteadmanHayriye Kayi-AydarRaising the Curtain: Positioning and Identity Construction in Online Language Teacher Education
Chelsea TimlinChantelle WarnerTalk about Texts: Interactional Literacies in Second Language Learning

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