E.  Academic Policies

E1. Satisfactory Academic Progress

The SLAT Advisor will review each student’s record at least once each year to determine if he or she is making satisfactory progress in the program. The following constitutes satisfactory progress to degree:

a. Successful completion of the SLAT qualifying exercise during the first year of enrollment in the program;
b. Maintenance of minimum GPA, as specified by the Graduate College;
c.  Submitting the Doctoral Plan of Study via GradPath by the third semester in residence;
d. Satisfactory evidence of second language proficiency prior to the comprehensive exam;
e. Satisfactory completion of the comprehensive exam (written and oral parts) no later than the 7th semester of full-time enrollment (although students are strongly encouraged to fulfill this requirement as early in their careers as possible);
f. Public presentation of dissertation proposal within six months of successful completion of the comprehensive exam;
h. Successful defense of dissertation within three years of completion of the comprehensive examination.  Per Graduate College Policy ( http://grad.arizona.edu/gsas/degree-requirements/doctor-philosophy#time-limitation), students who do not finish their degrees within 5 years of passing their comprehensive exams will be required to re-take their exams.

Exceptions to these policies can only be made based on a formal petition approved by the SLAT Executive Council. Non-compliance can constitute unsatisfactory academic progress and result in loss of funding, academic probation, and/or academic disqualification.

E2. Leave of Absence

All leaves of absence from the program must be approved by the SLAT Advisor, the Program Director, and by the Graduate College. Medical Leaves of Absence do not require approval from SLAT or the Graduate College,  For details of Graduate College policy, please see http://grad.arizona.edu/catalog/policies/enrollment-policies/leave-of-absence.

E3. Minimum Enrollment

The Graduate College requires that students be continuously enrolled at the university until they receive their degree. Minimum enrollment requirements vary depending on the student’s status. Please see the Graduate College website for more information. No summer registration is required unless the student is graduating during a summer term, and needs to use university resources such as the library during that summer. For students who have finished the Comprehensive Examination, the usual way to meet the minimum enrollment requirement is to register for dissertation (920) units. From 1-9 units of dissertation may be taken per semester; in special circumstances petitions for up to 12 units in a semester may be granted.

E4. Full-time Status

Full-time status requirements vary according to a student’s employment status with UA, financial aid requirements, domestic/international status, and/or level of progress towards the degree. For policy details see catalog.arizona.edu.