Comprehensive Examination Student Responsibilities Checklist

1) The semester before the exam:

Identify a comps chair and create a comps committee

Submit signed and updated SLAT MAP by November 1 or April 1;

Schedule tentative dates for the written and oral exam which are acceptable to all committee members.

2) 30 days before the exam:

Prepare and submit the Comps Committee Approval form via GradPath.

3) 5-7 days after receiving the written exam questions

Return written exam answers to the examining committee via email with a CC to the SLAT office.

4) 10 working days before the oral exam

Verify that the exam chair has access to the Graduate College’s online comprehensive exam instructions. The instructions can be downloaded from the Graduate Degree Certification web page.

After passing the written exam, prepare and submit the Announcement of Comprehensive Oral Exam via GradPath.

5) Oral exam day

Once the exam has been completed, the chair will initiate the Results of Comprehensive Exam form. Once the form has completed processing, the student’s record will change to reflect that they have passed the comprehensive exams.