F.  Student Support

F1. Internal Sources of Funding

Internal sources of student support include Graduate College Fellowships (GCF), Graduate Associateships in Teaching (GATships), Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAships), Graduate Tuition Scholarships (GTS), and Graduate College 900-level waivers. In addition, the following support programs are available: Graduate Access Fellowships, Confluence Fellowships, CONACyT Fellowships, Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellowships, Alfred P. Sloan foundation fellowships, Graduate College Peace Corps Fellowships, Graduate and Professional Student Travel Grant Fund, and the Herbert E. Carter Graduate Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Programs. All awards except the Graduate College 900-level waiver are competitive. For more information, see the Graduate College website on Financial Resources. In addition, some departments provide awards for travel to SLAT students teaching in those departments.

F2. Time Limit for Internal Financial Support

Generally speaking, after admission to the SLAT Program students are eligible for internal financial support (including fellowships, GATships, GRAships, and GTS support) for a maximum of five years while registered as full-time students in the SLAT Program, provided they are performing assigned tasks in a satisfactory manner and making satisfactory progress to degree. Students supported by cooperating departments should inform themselves of department-specific performance criteria and restrictions on continuance of appointment. Graduate Tuition Scholarships (GTS) are awarded on a yearly basis. Students must reapply annually if they wish to be considered for such support.

F3. External Sources of Funding

The University of Arizona Graduate College maintains a helpful webpage with information on how to apply for funding from sources external to SLAT and the University. Please visit http://grad.arizona.edu/funding for more information.